My CPU suddenly started overheating

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Jul 31, 2022
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I bought a gaming pre-built Asus from best buy 7 months ago. As soon as I read the comments I ordered a liquid cooler with it (msi 240r). I didn't have much problems with it for a long time. Sometimes it went up to 80 degrees but rarely. Couple days ago it went up to 100 degrees making noise like a freaking airplane. I checked the fans speed and everything was working fine. I shut it of. Then replaced thermal paste, took out the cooler and put it back on. Everything seems fine fans of the cooler work. Pump of the cooler works very well.Only thing was that while it was booting, a message appeared to me CPU FAN SPEED Problem. (I don't know if I plugged one of the cables of the liquid cooler wrong) Cpu still gets to 100 degress without doing anything just booting it up. I have no idea what changed over a day one day it was working fine, other day almost shut itself off.

I don’t know if this is possible but even though cooler pump works fine like 4000rpm i suspect there may be a problem with the liquid cooler.
Processor (CPU)
Intel 11th Generation Core i7-11700F
ASUS Strix 8560-G
Memory (RAM)
16GB dont really know the brand and model
Graphics Card
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070
Processor Cooling
Great Wall 750W Power Supply 80plus Gold ATX 12V 140mm

Also I got 1 fan in the case
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I assume you cleaned dust out of the fans on AIO?

I wouldn't expect a temp change on a 7 month old AIO, I would be tempted to get a replacement.
I guess temp difference isn't just cause its summer there?
Mine has barely changed its temp range in 2 years now - Corsair 240mm AIO

You don't have many choices on the motherbaord for fans so one for CPU fan and one for AIO - AIO one near the ATX 12v power on top edge of mb. CPU fan near ram.
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Can you hear a "slurping" sound from the coolingsystem if you listen closly as if liquid is moving around? How is it mounted in the chassies? If it is mounted with the radiator at the front and the connections mounted on the top it might be that it is just circulating air and not coolant, In general this shouldn't be a problem after just 7 months but it allso depends on how full the system was from factory. If the system is making allot of noice it might be that it is just circulating air.
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