Satisfactory Tips and Tricks

Satisfactory has had my attention for a bit, and I figured I'd come back to it after I saw they included nuclear energy and trains.

A couple of important tips and tricks I've learned in my brief time since picking it up again:
  • Find yourself a pure node or two before setting up shop. You aren't required to settle where you've landed. I like to use Satisfactory Map to suss out a good spot. You can generally figure out where you are by finding an Impure or Normal node and looking at it's distance from other nodes, based on the compass. One of the absolute best areas I've found is starting in the Northern Forest, and then run from the starting area northwest to the cliff face. A whole pile of pure iron nodes, easy access to copper, limestone, and eventually coal.
  • Messy is better at first. The first 3-4 milestone tiers get you progressively moving on towards being able to produce a cleaner-looking base of operations. Don't spend too much time making neat, as you'll be destroying it all later anyways to make room for bigger and better.
  • Modularity is key for mid and late game, and building vertically is key to this.
  • Verticality is accomplished with walls, thin foundations, and getting comfortable with spiral staircases (a series of left stairs or right stairs with landings).
  • Build near the edge of a cliff off into the sky using foundations, or build up and then out. Don't try too hard to match the conformity of the landscape, building into air is way easier.
  • Roughly - concrete is infrastructure, iron plates and bars are manufacturing, copper is power grid.
  • Make a bee-line to the chainsaw. Getting it expedites wood and leaves collection, which expedites biofuel creation and lets you power your base and miners longer without micromanaging.
  • For a quick biofuel production chain, Storage -> Constructor (Biomass - Leaves) -> Constructor (Biofuel) -> Storage. Toss the leaves in the first one, power it, come back later for fuel.
  • You can stack mergers and splitters!
  • Stackable conveyers are ideal to get the belts up off the ground.
  • The Space Elevator makes a fantastic landmark.
Hope this helps!


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Jan 8, 2020
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Satisfactory is such a good game. Nice tips for starting out. I can definitely support not getting to excited with making everything perfect early on. I've redone my bases so many times to support large production that I do the bare minimum for a while.

I also highly recommend looking up some blueprints online. There are several people in the community that make up visual blueprints to help with production.
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Good point on blueprints. In fact, I'll share my own!

Clearly, I've made a novice mistake here in creating my factories in a series rather than a circuit. I've seen a lot of players recommend getting situated with a looped main bus, but I went and divvied up my input and output bus along a horizontal line. I do regret not getting situated in a loop with an off-ramp for storage.

I'm thinking, my next run-through I'll go that route in an effort to run a kind of "perpetual inventory". Though I do wonder if combining raw material inputs and finished product outputs on the same bus is a bad idea.


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