Anyone using Satisfactory construction game.

ok so i am posting here because nobody on the games q and a page has answered me.

I am only consuming 23,000 mw of power because until the devs add something new to the game all my production lines are on stand by , the only machines using power are those required to run for the production of electricity.

I only have 20 nuclear power stations but they are all turned off.
I have all the geothermal nodes producing free power.
I have all the oil nodes producing oil to make fuel for generators , apart from a few nodes used for production lines.
I have hundreds of coal power stations in block off 20.
None of the coal power or oil generators run out of anything.

So here is my problem .... i look at power poles and i am producing 111,800 mw every so often it drops down to around 110,000 mw and i have seen it go as low as 109,000 mw. This means my electricity being produced is varying by around 2,800 mw ???

I have gone round every single batch of machines and sat watching the status lights for a very long time , none of them stopped working so this indicates all ok so how could i be loose up to 2,800 mw
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my electricity being produced is varying by around 2,800 mw
I haven't played the game, but…
I have all the geothermal nodes producing free power
…could it be the geo nodes vary in output, since they're based on nature's whims, I assume?

Could there be variable loss thru leakage in the transmission lines?
Hi Brian i checked geothermal outputs , when i made them all i turned them on and just walked away from them , i never realised their power output went up and down. So taking into account i was using them all thats the reason power was going up and down so much. I have deleted them all and power available has gone down from 110k mw to a stabble 108k mw. That still a ton more than i need and nuke power is still turned off
For those of you not familiar with the game you can make something called power storage units and you link them into your grid. I always tell people that once they are charged up you should never see them work again and if you do then thats a sign you have a problem somewhere . Blown fuses usually occur in the early stages or when you only just have enough power to keep things going , if you had some machines on stand by and they all kick in together you might not have enough power on tap so that will cause fuses to blow.