Satisfactory Steam cloud saves question

I am using a game called satisfactory and my steam client is set to save " in the cloud " , since the games latest update a lot of players have said that the cloud save function is unreliable , i myself am having trouble doing saves in the cloud and the only way to save is to overwrite an auto save.

If i untick the box for saves to go to " the cloud " what will happen next time i want to make a game save , will they go somewhere on my pc.

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It probably goes C:\users\"yourusername"\ "localappdata", "documents" or "my games".

Fast google search gives me this:

  • Hit WINDOWS + R on your keyboard to open the Run application.
  • Paste %LocalAppData%\FactoryGame\Saved\SaveGames in the text field.
  • Hit OK , and there you will be inside the Satisfactory game saves folder!