Samsung Monitor Decision

Mar 25, 2022
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Hi everyone. I'm planning to setup new pc , i9 12900k , RTX3090, DDR5 rams.....etc so i'm trying to gather good one. I cant decide between Samsung Odyssey G9 (2021 Model) or Samsung Odyssey Neo G9. Price between those monitors are huge old one costs 1399euro , new one is 2066euro. Any experienced gamer or tech person can explain me which monitor should i take. Difference between those monitors (as quality) is worth paying 667euro more.
Hi, heres the review from RTINGs for the Neo G9

At the bottom of the article they write a short paragraph comparing the two directly:

The Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 replaces the Samsung Odyssey G9 and upgrades in a few ways. The major difference is that the Neo G9 has Mini LED backlighting, so it gets brighter and has much better local dimming. It also has HDMI 2.1 inputs, while the G9 has HDMI 2.0, so you can achieve a higher refresh rate over HDMI on the Neo G9. The G9 has slightly better response times, but it's not really a noticeable difference.

As I understand it the mini LED backlighting allows for really deep blacks on the newer model which probably helps HDR content. Whether thats worth 600 Euros more, I cant say as I havent seen the two side by side to compare. My instinct is that its not.

Otherwise both offer the same refresh rate as long as youre not using HDMI.
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