RX580 connections issue

Aug 29, 2020
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Hi, bit of a noob question, but we all have to start somewhere right..haha I have a 700w CIT psu with only 1, 8 pin PCIe connector, I purchased a RX580 (without checking the connections, i know bit of a noob moment haha) that needs 1- 8 pin and 1 - 6 pin, anyway I connected the only 1-8 pin and it booted up and installed all the drivers... my question is.. is it okay and safe just to use the 1 connector or is it a new Psu time? Thanks
If it's a CIT PSU that claims to be 700W but only gives a single PCIe connector, it's probably trash - potentially dangerous trash - and should be disposed of.

The best case scenario is that your GPU underperforms at least a bit due to not being fed enough power.

There's a lot of PSU snobbery on the internet - but that CIT PSU really does sound like it's over the line of what should be allowed near a PC, especially a PC with something like a dedicated GPU that will draw a certain amount of power. Even a Corsair VS/CV, or even an EVGA white-rated PSU is probably a huge step up over that thing.

What sort of budget do you have for a new PSU, and what country and currency are you shopping in?

And what's the spec of the rest of your system? (full spec including the case and everything else)