Montech Fighter 500 Case Fans

Feb 5, 2022
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I recently bought the Montech Fighter 500 case which has 4 pre-installed "rgb" fans. First, I thought the fans will just be regular 4 pin RGB fans, turns out that they are all static rainbow color LED fans (which I dont care much about because the case was cheap). However, I did realize that all the fans are connected with Molex cables which are connected to the PSU, each fan also has a 3-pin connector which is currently not used.
I started getting tired of the fan lights being on at night and having to turn off my computer in order to turn the fan lights off, is there a way that I can connect the fans via the 3-pin connector into my MOBO and have both fans and lights work?
I got the Gigabyte b560m DS3H motherboard ( and here is what I have tried without any adapters:
  1. I disconnected one fan's Molex and connected its 3 pin wire to my 4 pin header ("Sys_fan" pwm) on my mobo. That kept the fan functional, but the lights did not turn on.
  2. I connected the same 3 pin fan wire into the 4 pin LED_C1 header on my mobo. When I did that, somehow only the lights were kept on but the fan did not spin. I was able to even control the lights (make them flash and other stuff) through RGB Fusion app from Gigabyte.
I did some research and found this hub:

I was wondering if I could keep my Molex cables connected to the PSU and onto this hub above, while also connected the 3-pin wires to the hub and connecting that to the 4 pin LED_C1 header to my motherboard? I was thinking this way, my fans will get power and spin from the PSU (Molex cables), and the lights will be controlled from the hub connecting all 3 pin wires to the 4 pin LED_C1 header. Will I be able to control my lights and turn them off whenever I want this way? or will the Molex cables take precedence and keep the lights running until the computer is turned off?

Any other ideas I can make this work?

Complete specs:
CPU: intel i5 11400
Motherboard: Gigabyte B560M DS3H
Ram: 16gb DDR4 Silicon Power
SSD/HDD: 240 GB Kingston 300V
GPU: Nvidia Geforce RTX 3070ti
Chassis: Montech Fighter 500
OS: Windows 11
Monitor: Gateway and Dell 60hz nothing big looking to upgrade soon

Below is the picture of all the fans connected via Molex, and the 3 pin connectors are also showing loose (sorry I know its messy):


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