RX 7900 XTX/XT Announcement day thread

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I didn't truly realise how big card was until I took it out of box and it didn't want to come out of packing foam. I am leaving in static bag until I am ready to put it in. PSU is really heavy. I should wait for the Extension cables for my fans, but its so tempting.
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Glad I changed my case from a Meshify C to a Meshify S2, two years ago when I was choosing one.
The added size is difference between installing my new GPU and having to look at something else.
Meshify C only allows GPU of 315 mm with front fan mounted
My new GPU is 338mm
Meshify S2 just laughs as it can take 440 mm with front fan mounted
and although I have a AIO on front, its not taking that much space.
Current GPU is 267mm, difference in length between it and new is only 71mm
Approx 15cm gap between end of current GPU and fan on AIO (used tape measure)

Only thought of it watching this and seeing how close AIO is.
View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xzfkTRKlUcA

People at time thought it was too big, now I see it was just right.
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This card gets released tomorrow. If you play first person shooter games at 1440P then keep your eyes peeled for the reviews.

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The re released 4080 under another name.
FE will be 800, gl finding any of those at that price.
Rest will be more again.

Problem with their marketing for 4070 TI is they are showing the card as performing 3x times faster than a 3080 in Cyberpunk but it is while using DLSS & frame generation enabled. Its not the metric normally used, it makes card appear way better than it actually is. AMD don't show results with FSR on, unless its clearly marked

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Aug 3, 2022
Nvidia is a complete joke at this point, sadly AMD is not far behind by enabling Nvidia to keep this crap up. If this keeps up for much longer we can probalby start congratulating Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo for their increese in gaming market shares.
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This is the full fat mid range chip. It costs €1000 here. I dont think this pricing is sustainable, waiting until later on this year when Nvidia sales are down a further 80% year on year and the price cuts kick in. They don't have mining to artificially inflate sales anymore, it has to stop somewhere.

If you have the money, no judgement have fun :)
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Jay wasn't alone, I haven't found any reviewers today who say this is a great deal. It only wins in RT against the XT

Steve compares it against 10 series cards at first since that is the most popular cards on Steam

When even the review copies are the OC versions, it shows there aren't going to be many for $800 if you can get any.
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