Question ROG Strix z490 Wont detect 2 bootable SSD

Aug 19, 2020
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I recently bought a new motherboard Its the Rog Strix z490-e Gaming.
I have 2 Bootable SSD both with windows 10 one is for business one personal. It worked on older Motherboard. But this one I cant boot into the other SSD through bios, It doesnt show up on boot. it only shows the one. all plus are in.
Windows recognizes it but on bios its undetected.
Im fairly new to setting PC hardware up I know basics, but messing with BIOS I'm new so please bear with me
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Jan 17, 2020
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A few question to help us narrow this down, are either of these brand new SSD's? When you say windows recognizes it, what do you mean? As in does it shows up in your drive list, or can you see it when you open disk partition? Can you see only 1 of the hard drives, or are neither visible?

I've had something similar happen before, though for me it was that my boot sectors got completely jacked by windows. I solved it by putting it in a dock dockwith my laptop and formatting it, though hopefully we can help you avoid this.


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