Question Ssd m.2 detecting problem

Apr 26, 2023
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hello.. friends,
I have a problem with my PC, which is as follows:
- When I was playing a game, my PC suddenly restarted and entered bios, after that my m.2 ssd containing Windows OS was not detected in the BIOS.
- I tried restarting my PC several times and always ended up entering BIOS with an undetected M.2 SSD.
- To make my PC able to boot into OS or detect my SSD, I have to turn off my Power Supply for a while and re-enable it.
- this problem always occurs when I restart my PC from shutdown or when the PC is in sleep state. Please help.
specifications :
- Motherboard MSI pro B660-A Wifi DDR4.
- Intel i5 12400f.
- AMD Radeon RX6600.
- SSD Adata XPG8200 512GB.
- PSU Corsair CV550.
Apr 13, 2023
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Don't worry dude, Check the M.2 SSD connections: Make sure that the M.2 SSD is properly seated in its slot on the motherboard and that all connections are secure. Update BIOS and drivers: Ensure that your motherboard's BIOS is up to date, as well as all drivers for your hardware components, including the M.2 SSD, motherboard, and GPU, After try Please let me know.