Recommend Oculus Quest 2 Link games please

Dec 18, 2021
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Hi Guys
I'm new so forgive me if I don't do this right, my son got a new gaming PC for Christmas (best I could afford) and he wants to play Oculus Quest 2 link games (we have the special cable) He is turning 16 so he can play anything you suggest.

Would you help a clueless dad select some cool games for Christmas? I know he finds resident evil interesting and likes scary games and FPS. Sorry I'm such a noob and thank you for your time.

Merry Christmas guys

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The good thing about the Oculus Quest 2 is that you can either download native games to play standalone, or you can link it to your gaming PC and play more robust VR games.

For robust PC games to stream to the Quest 2, I'd suggest Half Life: Alyx, or Skyrim VR.

For standalone native Quest 2 games, it all depends on what he likes. Beat Saber is a really popular one. I don't care for it, but my boys like Super Hot. But don't underestimate the free games out there. Like one great free one is Epic Roller Coasters. You can buy addons for it, but it comes with several free coasters. And it has a shooter mode, so you can shoot targets while riding the coasters. It's really a lot of fun.
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Check out this thread in the Shooters forum::

Later, you may find this thread useful:

I love Oculus Quest. Been playing VR since the beginning. Here are my recs:

For shooters you have Half-Life Alyx, Resident Evil 4, and Superhot.

If you really want to be awed by VR, you play Lone Echo or Subnautica. Wilson's Heart is a great horror game that is actually playable in VR (many horror games are simply too scary in VR for most people). And you have Blade and Sorcery, Stride and Warplanes as other non-shooters.

If he likes space, Elite Dangerous is amazing to see in VR.

There are several racing games (like Dirt Rally) that are top notch (they aren't just VR games, but you can play them in VR).

If I were going to get someone 3 games for Christmas, it would be Lone Echo, either Resident Evil 4 or Half Life Alyx, and Subnautica. But you know your son, so maybe go heavy on the shooters and get both Resident Evil 4 and Half Life Alyx and leave Subnautica for later. Or maybe throw in the horror game Wilson's Heart.

Shooters don't tend to sell as well in VR (it's a lot harder to hit your target), but I've heard good things about (but not played myself) the following: Death Unchained (actually using a bow instead of a gun), Sniper Elite and Boneworks.
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