Oculus Quest 2 questions

Here is the deal. I want some opinions. I have an Oculus Rift (1st gen) ans still works great with my nvidia 1070. I was checking reviews for the quests 2 and beyond the untethered advantage I'm not sure if the upgrade is justified yet.
This is just by circumstances. You see, I have some expenses ahead (like upgrading my video card and other stuff) and am thinking what I prioritize; regarding vr, while the rift its old and probably surpassed by the quest 2 in every aspect, most of my vr library is steam. So, I'm worried that my library is either inaccessible or cant take advantage of the supposed technical advantage of the quest 2 by using the USB-c cable to tether to the computer rendering this purchase unnecessary by replacing a good device for a slightly better one (even taking into account the extra receptors the original rift needs and the quest 2 don't). Reviews didn't do much to convince me otherwise.
While I admit the advantage of other vr devices, and I would love to put my hands on the index controllers, more than 400 dollars is excessive for me.
The 300 pricepoint of the quest 2 is tempting but again, is it worth it to replace my current rift? If the answer is no or 'maybe' no, I may well be able to go another vr generation perfectly fine with the old rift
That's my conundrum, sorry for the long post.
I guess it really depends on the specific advantages you're interested in. The price point is certainly appealing but I definitely spent a good bit more to get the most out of it, including the link, the fit pack (don't think I could go without that), and the elite strap.

In regards to steam games, that's mostly what I'm playing right now on my quest. Not all games seem to be compatible with it at the moment, for example I saw some people were having issues getting saints and sinners to work on it through steam. I got it through the oculus store and play via link and it looks pretty good. I think it'll be a case by case basis sort of thing, but I suspect most games will work just fine with it, at least that's been my experience so far.

Resolution is probably one of the biggest selling point for this thing IMO. Right now with the link, I understand it isn't fully taking advantage of the resolution and refresh rate, but that will come soon with an update (how soon, who knows). I definitely notice the compression right now but it's not that bad, and will get better. The on-board chip doesn't really matter if you plan on playing games from your PC, but the screen definitely will make a difference.

The biggest weakness of the quest 2 IMO is the IPD settings. It's very limited. Make sure your IPD is within the range it provides before even considering it. There are only 3 settings, although you can set between the settings, too, for a little more flexibility. But if your IPD is too big or too small, you are probably not going to have a good time with it.

Another thing I've seen people mention is the black levels. Now I personally have nothing to compare it to, so as such it is not a thing I have noticed. I mostly play phasmaphobia but still this hasn't even registered in my brain, I just see people say it looks washed out. But it's something to consider.

I think the quest 2 is a great entry level device but depending on what you've used in the past, it might not be a great upgrade. Stuff like the Reverb G2 might be a better fit for the experienced VR user, although it isn't as cheap and not wireless.
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