Do gamers use airpods or headsets for PC or Oculus Q2?

Dec 18, 2021
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I'm a dad preparing for Christmas, he has an Oculus Quest 2 with link and a new gaming PC with a GTX 2060, he has a very old Turtle Beach headset, do gamers today use airpods now or should I just get him a new wireless headset? (no wired please).

I'd so appreciate any suggestions. Merry Christmas

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wireless headset
If you go that route, a few choices to make:

Do you prefer:
Around the ear
In the ear
Behind the ear
On the ear
Bone conduction

Any other preferences:
Noise cancelling
Brand name

If cheap n cheerful works for you, GF and I have 4 of these, been using them for many years:
Don't let the battery run fully down, it'll kill it—replacements are around $15.

We settled on this one after trying a good few $100-$200 models. They are very light so won't give you a headache from prolonged wearing, and are also very easy on the ears—they just lay on gently.


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