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Dont mind me, just lusting after another Fractal Design case. Proper lush.

Here's me waiting for the mid range cards, Nvidia coming in with the 4 slot cooler and potential 600W TDP


Sold a 128GB Samsung 830 SATA SSD that I'd had for 8 or 9 years as a boot drive at the time, Samsung
Magician reported 95% drive health.

I'm really not sure if NVME's will have that kind of lifespan. They run so much hotter than SATA because of their size and place on the motherboard.

The new consoles are both using storage tech that streams data super fast from NVME storage to VRAM/RAM. I dont know exactly how it works, but Direct Storage is the PC version of that, and it will bring performance benefits to games that use it you wont get without an NVME drive. So I'm happy that my PCI-E Gen 3.0 drive will be most likely be able to give some of that benefit in the future. I dont think SATA speeds will cut it with the tech.

Dont know if you knew or cared about any of that, but it does explain why I might care so I thought it worth saying :)
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freeCodeCamp.org is one of the tip-top YT channels, and just put this out:

Computer & Technology Basics Course for Absolute Beginners
View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y2kg3MOk1sY

I haven't watched, but a few comments I scanned were appreciative—and I know FCC content is usually high grade.

⭐ Course Contents ⭐
⌨ (00:00:00) Introduction
⌨ (00:00:55) What Is a Computer?
⌨ (00:03:37) Buttons and Ports on a Computer
⌨ (00:06:01) Basic Parts of a Computer
⌨ (00:08:47) Inside a Computer
⌨ (00:10:58) Getting to Know Laptop Computers
⌨ (00:12:55) Understanding Operating Systems
⌨ (00:14:21) Understanding Applications
⌨ (00:15:53) Setting Up a Desktop Computer
⌨ (00:18:47) Connecting to the Internet
⌨ (00:22:41) What Is the Cloud?
⌨ (00:25:06) Cleaning Your Computer
⌨ (00:29:02) Protecting Your Computer
⌨ (00:32:17) Creating a Safe Workspace
⌨ (00:36:25) Internet Safety: Your Browser's Security Features
⌨ (00:38:36) Understanding Spam and Phishing
⌨ (00:43:27) Understanding Digital Tracking
⌨ (00:45:39) Windows Basics: Getting Started with the Desktop
⌨ (00:47:40) Mac OS X Basics: Getting Started with the Desktop
⌨ (00:52:26) Browser Basics
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