Quiz: Name that movie

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It was so long ago, I was thinking it might be one of the horror dentist movies but nothing seemed fitting to the image, what finally gave it away was the room the man was in and his protective gear
That was a rough watch at times, the blade slicing scene particularly
My movie could be considered similar to Hostel, I watched it last night and although some scenes are rough it was still pretty fun (and also very depraved)
Oh no! a few wires got tangled so I posted a screenshot, it's not easy being green
Also my comment wasn't a criticism on you in the slightest @Kaamos_Llama , I was only refering to the way we used to post
and now my face is hopefully saved; I hope you lot are having a bloody awesome day
much love and all that
Your face wasn't in any danger! But your guess was from the right timeframe.

Also my thanks to @FreezerBurn for introducing me to Members Only jackets. Every day's a school day.


Ahhh, I remember that backside from miles away. That is Denzel Washington and the movie is either "King Kong" Training Day or another equally famous movie that I'll mention if nobody beats me to it:)



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