Quiz: Name that movie

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Hey! It's the weekend for many of us, and seeing as how we're supposed to get our first snowstorm in Portland (6-9") with possible power outages, I'll post a new image.

The movie is a comedy mostly, but also violent at times, as well as a "heist" type film.
Brrrr, *sending blankets and hot cocoa with some marshmallows*

As for the movie, maybe it could be Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels?
Thanks for the blankets & hot cocoa (with marshmallows), now all I need is a shot or 2 of whiskey.

The movies isn't Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, but it's very similar. What's really weird, is that I got an email notification about a response from you that listed a different movie (which I won't name here), but that one was correct. Did you edit your initial response?
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