Quiz: Name that movie

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I haven't seen it neither have any interest in seeing it but that would be Eurovision Song Contest?
Correct, it is indeed Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga.

I watched the movie. It is your basic fun drama movie with Ferrel, meaning it is not extremely good, but it is not bad either. You will laugh a little, then not for a good while, then laugh a little.
Yeah, that's a pretty apt description.
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Reminds me, made some popsicles :) You want some?

The picture in the book is that of a dead cow. The arrows are to show which direction to take around the cow. The movie is set in a time(the past, based on true stories) when cows were slain and made into IED's.
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Would've been very close if that cow blew up! :LOL: but no not Monty Python and the Holy Grail, sorry. The movie I'm referring to is set in around the 2000's. Made in 2015. Should help narrow things down.
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