PS3 20GB console, Gasp a non PC game related Q!

I hope i don't loose my PC gamer card for this, But any idea where to find a PS3 20GB? these things seam like they are as rare as gold. On Ebay they are super expensive, and just about all are from over seas, not saying that is bad, but i was kind a hoping for something a bit cheaper on shipping and cost. Go figure something that was actually cheaper to buy brand new than it is years later. I have an old PS2 game called ATV racing that i want to play, and i just want a blue ray player to use on the rare occasion i actually watch a vid. So this kinda seams like the perfect combo, but perhaps that is why you can't bloody find one.

any thoughts on where to track one down? I'm almost thinking about putting an add in the local paper. There has to be some stashed away collecting dust right?

help! :)
Is there a local game store that might be selling it ? If not check things like Facebook Marketplace and craigslist, you can also check out apps like mercari, stock x or letgo, all might be able to show you who would be selling older consoles in the area.
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PS3? Phantasy Star 3? I checked Wikipedia and it looks like it never made it off the SEGA Genesis. So you're looking for an emulator that will run it? But, even with an emulator, there's no way you'll need 20GB? I don't understand?? {smirk}


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