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Jan 8, 2024
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Hi Everyone! I bought a new laptop (not a gaming laptop) but pretty new to gaming. I am not a hardcore gamer but I’m looking for game ideas to play on the laptop for a few hours. Specs are below

Lenovo-Slim Pro 7 90 Hz 2.5 k AMD Ryzen 7 7735HS-Nvidia GeForceTX 3050 with 16 GB and Memory-512 go ssd

Thank you for your time!


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Well, it helps, but... I guess the fact that you aren't giving us any games to go on helps, too. Probably games with good tutorials that aren't too hard to learn. It doesn't sound like you've played a lot of games before, either, so we can save you a lot of cash by playing great games from a few years ago. Then you can follow up on whatever games you end up enjoying.

Nice open world (well, open city) game. I think we're calling this an "action adventure" with lots of stealth.

Straight-up shooter.

More of an open world shooter where you get to blow up stuff. LOTS of stuff.

An excellent exploration game. You can build a modest base, too. (Sheesh, it's still $30 USD!)

The story is a bit "Word War 2 for an 8 year old" but the tactics you need to use are solid and great fun. Valkyria Chronicles 4 is a good bit better but way more expensive.

Puzzles and a little lightweight jumping. Excellent story once you piece it together.

P.S. The PC Gamer Top 100 list is a good source, too.
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Welcome to the forum :)

What's that equivalent to in Intel, i7 or i9 I assume.


Old-style, try out LucasArts games from the 90s, eg Indiana Jones.
Gabriel Knight, Monkey island or Sam & Max.
Syberia 1 and 2, Her Story, Papers Please, The Last Express.

Any preference for FPP or TPP, spray & pray v tactical & strategic planning, melee v ranged, blow stuff up v pick stuff off, single player v co-op v multiplayer v battle royale?

Old-style melee—Doom, Quake, Duke Nukem.
Half Life 1 & 2, Bioshock series.
Crysis, Just Cause, Far Cry & Sniper Ghost Warrior series.
Tom Clancy brand.
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