Question PC Freezing Randomly

Jan 30, 2020
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Hello guys,

I built my pc like 2 months ago and never had this problem until this week. Pc just randomly freezes. I have 3060 with 5600x with win 10 on it. I updated the windows and drivers. I updated every necessary thing via Asus Armoury Crate. I ran memory check, disk check and there was no problem. I ran sfc scannow too and it found a corrupted file and fixed it but that didn't work too because after doing that pc froze again. I cleaned the temp files etc. PC running normal. Temps are normal. While I'm writing this there are no background programs that can use the gpu and the temperature is 34C and the cpu is at 35C. I didn't overclocked the cpu. I'm using the gpu at normal mode which you can change it from asus gpu tweak.
Full Specs are:
Asus tuf b550-m plus
R5 5600X
ASUS Dual 3060 OC
2x8 Crucial Ballistix 3200 mhz
Crucial 500gb p5 m.2 ssd (win 10 booted on ssd)
wd blue 1tb hdd
Case: Xigmatek 4x120mm
I got a 650w psu which comes with the case
Jan 13, 2020
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Other than the PSU - here are some thoughts.

Was the OS install a clean fresh or in place upgrade?
-Sometimes the upgrades can introduce older drivers that aren't fully compatible with the recent versions of Win10.

When you ran the memcheck - was that the full run outside of the OS?
- I've seen a bad pair of RAM sticks in a (new sticks, new clean build) cause similar issues - that was only detected after an overnight full memcheck scan.

Have you checked the BIOS settings to make sure nothing is "tweaked" in there. Did you recently update BIOS (or maybe BIOS needs to be updated) and reset all the settings and set from scratch?
- I ran into an odd issue with random BSODs one time where a setting I had set to "Auto" in BIOS was supposed to be set to disabled unless I had multiple GPUs and was mining crypto (which I wasn't).

Did you get your parts new or used?
- Could be an odd component failure causing the crash (though with all new parts - might be harder to detect than one used part).

Hope that helps.
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