Game crashing! :(

Sep 11, 2023
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Hello everyone,

I'm experiencing some issues with my new SETUP, and I would appreciate some assistance in resolving them. Here are the details of my configuration:

  • Processor: Ryzen 5 7600X
  • Graphics card: GEFORCE MSI RTX 3060 VENTUS 3X 12GB OC
  • RAM: 32 GB Crucial Ballistix CT32G48C40U5 (1 x 32 GB DDR5)
  • Storage: 1 TB Kingston NV2 SSD
  • Power Supply: XPG Pylon 650W
  • Cooling: Water Cooling Segotep Becool 240s Rgb Black LGA 1700/AM5
  • Motherboard: Gigabyte B650M K
I recently assembled this setup and have been facing persistent issues. In various games, I encounter crashes at least once per match. For instance, in the game Chivalry, the game or even the PC itself restarts midway through a match. In Guild Wars 2, the game crashes and closes approximately 20 minutes into the gameplay.

To address these issues, I've taken the following steps:
  • I've tried both Windows 11 and Windows 10 with a clean installation.
  • I've installed video drivers, chipset drivers, and APU drivers.
Despite these efforts, the problem persists, and I'm left puzzled. I'm not sure how to diagnose whether it's a driver issue, a hardware problem, or something related to Windows.

Initially, I suspected it might be a temperature issue, but after monitoring, the temperatures appear to be within normal ranges. Both the GPU and CPU maintain temperatures around 50-60 degrees Celsius (122-140 F).

All the components in my setup are brand new, and I've even reinstalled the graphics card from scratch.

I would greatly appreciate any help or guidance you can provide to resolve these issues.

Thank you!

UPDATE: I had the idea to try a game without the RTX, and I didn't experience any crashes, even though the graphics looked terrible. If that's the case, what options do I have? Could it be a hardware issue? It seems strange to me since I've done a clean installation of the updated driver.
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