Overwatch 2


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Is anyone playing Overwatch 2?

Actually I decided to give the game a try today and I like what I've seen. It's fun for sure. Not a big fan of candy-like graphics, but the gameplay is solid. I didn't have the occasion to play Overwatch 1, so I can't really discuss the differences (but I heard they're humble to say the least). It's definitely a game worth trying. It's for free and the microtransactions aren't invasive. Nice refreshment from Diablo Immortal.

The big advantage of Overwatch 2 is that there's currently a lot of noobs playing it, so I actually have some chances in direct confrontation with others. Got 5 victories in a row and I wonder when the matchmaking system will end this Children's Day and start matching me in one team with some real noobs. ;)

Anyway I like the game in general and will probably continue playing it for some time. Pings are decent and the game runs maxed out in a stable 75 fps on my machine. I take the game as a sign of good will from Blizzard and hope that Diablo 4 will follow this trail. :)


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