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Jan 5, 2022
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I've seen some older spiderman games like shattered dimensions and web of shadows go for insane prices on ebay and other used markets. I've been wondering how much they're actually worth if I were to sell my physical copies of those 2 games for pc on ebay or some other website.
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Whatever they're 'worth' now, it'll probably be a LOT more if you can hold onto them for a decade or more… could fund your retirement.

What you'd get now depends on:

♣ How many are currently on the market. The more, the less each will sell for—ideally you want to be the only copy on sale.
♦ What recent copies have sold for.
♥ The condition of your copies v the condition of recently sold copies—this can make a big difference, especially between a sealed never-used copy and an open-box one.
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Follow @Brian Boru 's advice. Chances are good that the value will increase with years if you can wait. I recently did an Ebay search on some collectors editions of games I have out of curiosity to see what kind of market value they might have. The results of that search varied greatly.

Take for example The Witcher 2 Assassin of Kings Collectors Edition:

Doing an Ebay search, I found the prices went from a ludicrous $10,000 to $49.99.
pc game witcher 2 collectors edition | eBay

Some of those prices are obviously inflated, but the lower priced ones don't show all the collectors editions loot. But I think Ebay is a good place to start if you want to sell an older boxed version of a game.


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