New Windows key installation

Apr 29, 2020
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I'm getting ready to build a new pc and am going to be moving the drives from my old pc to the new. I am going to purchase a new windows activation key but one of my drives already has windows 64bit and all the windows software installed onto it. So, would I have to wipe it off of the drive before moving it or could it be kept there without any problems on the new pc?

You would need to wipe it off - i.e. perform a "clean install" of Windows.

Your old Windows installation will have the wrong chipset drivers on there from your old PC. It would be like building your new house on quicksand - only a matter of time before you have big problems.

When booting off your Windows 10 USB media (which you can create free here direct from MS), select a Custom Install and delete all partitions on the drive. Note this will get rid of what's on the drive so back up any important files or games you don't want to redownload first.

You can often copy over game files without needing to redownload, at least.
PCG's article might need a tiny bit of an update for one or two of the clients, but it gives you the gist.


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