New Member Needs Help Selling Gaming PC

Nov 23, 2023
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I am a new member and this is my first post. I just found this forum today while looking for information to sell a Gaming PC. I am not a gamer. My nephew died tragically last week at the age of 26 and left behind the Gaming PC among other things. I am trying to help his family sell it to cover expenses.
I apologize if this is the appropriate forum!

The Gaming PC was built by my nephew around 2021 using all new hardware.
Here is a list of major components:
1) COOLER MASTER chassis (Model CMP 510)
- ASUS Tuf Gaming Motherboard (Model X570-PLUS (WIFI)
- ASUS Tuf Gaming Graphics Card (Model Q16530a) but has GEFORCE RTX lettering on it. It has 3 cooling fans
- Chassis has 2 cooling fans on one face, 1 cooling fan for the Motherboard (I can see some piping to the processer)
- Power Supply (unknown specs)
2) Steel Series APEX7 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
3) ASUS Tuf Gaming Monitor 27" (Model VG279Q1A)
4) lot of accessories (mouse, speakers, cables etc) that I have sorted through yet
Is it better to sell this 1 piece or is it easier to sell the parts?
What is a fair resale value?
Is there a classifieds dedicated to selling used gaming PC hardware?
I can post pictures if that would help.
Thanks for any tips! Very much appreciate any help as I am new to this.
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Our sibling site has a classifieds section, with stringent rules for posting.

You are almost always better off parting out the system.
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