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Feb 7, 2021
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Hello, today i wanna ask about a question, has anyone experinced their desktop backround changing? Well let me explain...
Right now I was watching youtube and suddenly windows turned on light mode, i was weired out at first but ok... Then, i check my desktop backround...
It changed the backround...But i had the same backround i have right now on another computer. And on that other computer i also have light mode on.

Easier Explanation: I had a landscape backround, then it changed to a galaxy backround. But that galaxy backround is the one i had on my other pc. And no i did not change it myself.

Please help,I think my files will be on 2 computers. And i don't want that to happen.
It's most unlikely your files will be transferred, so go ahead and turn off.

My guess is you got the monthly Microsoft update—comes out 2nd Tuesday of every month—and it messed with your background. Change your background back to what you prefer and it should stay in place.

MS Update can occasionally change some settings.


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