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Dec 14, 2021
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Hi all, I cant decide which monitor to buy for my son (9y.o.). This would be his first computer.
1. Option - to buy a curved monitor extra wide. Very good ones are extremally expensive. I am not sure if I go for a cheaper ones it will be ok.
2. The second option is to have 2 or 3 next to each other. Any ideas if it is good setup for games?
3. The third consideration I thought of 2 monitors (one next to each other) + 1 monitor above. But I am not sure how functional is that.
I would appreciate your kind comments.
Thank you in advance
Do you know why you're getting him more than one monitor? As far as I know, very few play on 2+, tho I believe many will have something else going on a second monitor—eg chat app, watching a movie.
I've just posted a poll here out of curiosity.

Will he use it for more than gaming? Many apps, especially in media editing, can use more than one monitor.

If the objective is playing ultra widescreen—26:9 I believe?—then one screen is always going to be seamless compared to 2-3 beside each other. But very expensive, as you say.

If the use is more separate apps running at the same time, then 2-3 monitors make more sense for keeping them separate without having to fiddle with window sizes and positions.

Do you know what resolution he'll want? Big screen(s) at hi-res will need a powerful graphics card, which needs a solid PSU.
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