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Aug 25, 2021
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hey guys, i'm looking for some free online multiplayer games that can run well on low end pc, prferably those wih active players/community and the developer is paying attention to the game (often update, less bugs, no cheater, etc.), i'm down for any genres as long as i can play it online with my friends, so please give your best reccomendation, thanks.

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That's easy, City of Heroes. Players kept the game alive after the publisher dropped it, so it's free now. Given that it's ten years old, a low-end PC should be able to handle it. The sidekick system makes it a superb choice for a group of players, too, as you don't have to worry about keeping everybody's level in lock step.

All the info can be found here: Forums - Homecoming (homecomingservers.com)
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Aug 10, 2021
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assault cube and open arena (both free)? and meadow (its around £4 on steam, im guessing its still running,havent gone on for a while).
ive got/had all three working sucesfuly on a very old toshiba portege,it runs arch linux,ive only ever played againsst the bots but i know there are still multiplayer servers.

as for meadow, it looks kind of similar to minecraft, but isnt? its not crafting, but has some similarities,you play as animals and interact with each other-theres no killing,theres different objectives as well,and its cheap,its online only,you coud just tell your mates to be in a certain place,on a server you all join.i got meadow running pretty fine on less than the minimum specs.
Aug 26, 2021
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World of Warships for all its flaws and controversies recently (trust me there's alot), is still a fun game. I recommend not spending cash in it at all (or don't spend anything on loot boxs). I can run it on my relatively bad pc which is an upside.

Crusader Kings 2 has gone free to play. It's a difficult game to learn and lots of content is hidden behind a dlc pay wall but the base game is pretty fun to mess around in.

Sins of a solar empire rebellion isn't free and it does cost £30 quid ( get it on sale for £15 is what I recommend ) but it has a huge amount of mods and you can run it on low end devices since its so old. The game play loop is pretty fun as well even if its pretty repetitive.

Warthunder was fun when i played it. It is very grindy and tedious to play and pay to win at points but still kinda fun if you ignore all those flaws.

Hope this helps you my dude. (^_^)

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