Linus Tech Tips (Linus Media Group) vs Gamers Nexus

Im not sure if anyone here has had their PC space blowing up with this new "drama", here are the videos for context (they are not short). Basically LTT is being called out for not only having inaccurate information about products and using unethical tactics to push information on its followers and apparently selling off a prototype in which the company that had made it, wanted it back, yet it was sold w/o their permission, but their response to the issue when it was brought up. Apparently GN has also had a lot of complaints about LMGs various testing's of products and how they are misrepresenting the truth.

Personally i dont follow any of these two verbatim when it comes to what i feel are good products to buy for my pc and now, because of this accusation/rebuttal going on between essentially the 2 biggest names in youtube tech gurus and the inevitable attacks between each camps followers, i will now have even more of a questionable nature when watching product review vids by either one of these guys

Edit: Added the PCG article on the situation



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LTT always seems to be out of my price range... "today we have a 500k piece of hardware to attach to our network to make us even better"... sort of thing
Steve goes into too much info but at least there is proof

Its the two bigger channels butting heads. It was bound to happen eventually.

I watch all sorts of things if I am after something to buy. I don't always do what they say to do though. I try not to be a sheep.
From the PCG article I read, LTT has basically admitted to all the accusations, but offered a variety of lame excuses. I've lost a lot of respect for LTT (I never used them anyway) and applaud the other guys (also never used) for calling LTT out. For one thing, LTT wasn't going to reimburse for the prototype they auctioned off until they were called out on it.
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Jan 21, 2020
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I've actually lost a lot of respect for LTT, LMG and all other subsidiaries BUT mostly with Linus himself, in his "response" posted on the LTT Forums he makes a lot of excuses, finger pointing and plays the Victim card. He completely F**ked over BilletLabs and he said "We didn't sell it we auctioned it" Which is the EXACT same thing, albeit you don't get the profits because it went to charity. BilletLabs also responded to GN and said that they NEVER gave LMG, LTT or Linus permission to Sell, Auction or giveaway their prototype.

LTT/LMG didn't even use that copper block properly and test it with the card it was intended for, so Linus said "it's bad, it's a bad product" which is also BS.

Next up is the Benchmarking, now there's a WHOLE lot of stuff in there but I want to focus on something specific.

How LTT/LMG benchmarked the 4090 and compared it to the 3090 Ti.

So we see CYBERPUNK 2077 set at 4K, Ray Tracing: Ultra Preset with DLSS off.

The issue with this specific test and comparison is that the 3090 Ti "Benchmark" results were from a PAST benchmark with old drivers and nothing updated since they originally benchmarked that card and 2077, where the 4090 had everything "New" and up to date, which made the 4090 appear to be 300% Faster which in reality is around 60% to 70% faster which is a HUGE difference. This is the type of testing their "Labs" does.

There's so much more to unpack but man, I'm EXTREMELY disappointed in the "Big Tech Channel".

I've unsubscribed, unfollowed and won't give LTT/LMG another moment of my time.

super sad.
Not watched LLT in years, all this is not realy shocking since it has been this way with LLT for a long time. LLT used to be entertaining in a way where you didn't take them to seriously but still interesting but, LLT has become less and less reliable over the years and Linus has become.. for a lack of a better word, more toxic, he isn't exactly toxic but i don't know if it is because he has been close to a burnout for a long time or if it is just becoming to big but he has gotten more and more disconected from "reality" and has taken constructive critisism in a realy bad way throwing blames all over the place other than himself.

LLT these days is kinda the IGN of Hardware.
I unsubbed from LTT maybe a year ago after the slide had gone too far—I stayed up to then because Anthony/Emily was very good. I'm still subbed to Riley's tech shorts, he's witty.

Linus made a huge change from lone tech geek to CEO of a 100+ people operation with ~10 YT channels. That's a completely different ballgame, there's a reason startup founders rarely make good leaders when the biz matures.
Linus made a huge change from lone tech geek to CEO of a 100+ people operation with ~10 YT channels. That's a completely different ballgame, there's a reason startup founders rarely make good leaders when the biz matures.

I personally feel that most of us (like 98ish %?) would absolutely wind up with a case like this one if we were in Linus's shoes. When you get wildly successful, not only do you make bad decisions and get arrogant about stuff, but you also get other sources of people scrutinizing everything you do, like Gamers Nexus does with LTT.

I watched it and it doesnt seem half-assed to me, especially for Luke, but it seems like what any company like LMG would do if they are being so lambasted about how they do things. Most corporate conglomerates like this do this type of damage control.

These dudes are all set for life if anything were to happened to LMG, if they get cancelled or go out of business. Linus is valued at over 80 million. I think he could just stop doing what hes doing and be fine. I like that Gamers Nexus is checking LMGs integrity constantly but they couldve totally ignored this situation and would be fine (like most major companies)
Used to be a fan of LTT but as many of you guys already pointed out he really started to change for the worse. While I’m not sure at the integrity of their reviews, their videos were at least entertaining and interesting to watch. I never really watched GN but I applaud what you could consider the underdog of YT tech review channels calling out their top competitors.

For my money, Hardware Canucks have always been my favorite tech review channel. They seem unbiased and are very entertaining to watch.