Question Keyboard stopped working after windows update

Nov 24, 2020
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Hello, my keyboard has stopped working after updating my windows, I’ve gone to the old version of windows and the keyboard works but unfortunately windows must update so the keyboard cannot work. The keyboard works on other windows computers and macs. It lights up, turns on but doesn’t do anything with the computer. I’ve tried installing drivers but nothing works... I’ve been struggling with this issue for two years now. Please help.
"Windows 10" I assume? Which version 1903, 1909, 2004, …?
Desktop or laptop?
PC make/model?
Keyboard make/model? Wired, wireless?
How does the KB connect to the PC—USB cable, wireless dongle, Bluetooth, …?

Have you tried another KB on this PC? Worked?
Have you changed the USB port for the KB cable or dongle?

KBs should be the simplest to figure out, so with some basic info we should be able to help you.