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  1. Kebabman 66

    Question Keyboard stopped working after windows update

    Hello, my keyboard has stopped working after updating my windows, I’ve gone to the old version of windows and the keyboard works but unfortunately windows must update so the keyboard cannot work. The keyboard works on other windows computers and macs. It lights up, turns on but doesn’t do...
  2. B

    MASSIVE FPS drop (half) when playing on 4K TV

    A bit long post because I have tried everything I could before posting. CPU: Intel Core i7 4790K 4.00 GHz, no overclock GPU: GTX 1808 Ti, 11 GB VRAM, No Overclock RAM: 32 GB DDR3 1333 MHz OS: Windows 10 Enterprise x64 Description of the problem: I have been playing NieR: Automata on my...
  3. Colombus

    How Much Can I Possibly Sell This PC (IN NEED FOR PRICES!)

    Hey everyone! I am new to this community I just came by to ask you about a PC I (my aunt) bought a year ago for me. I am a guitar player and I am in need for a new guitar to open my horizons and help me get to know knew genres of music and get to play and practice them so i can hone my skills...
  4. Sporky

    Question Virtual Machine viability

    I'm looking to build a pc for myself but like all siblings my little brother will inevitably want to play with me, so i wondered the viability of having part of my pc's resources go towards the virtual machine. 1. how hard would this be on windows 10? 2. how much resources would it take just to...