Kernal Power 41 bug code 278 error fixed - RTX 3050

Oct 27, 2023
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Hi guys hope you see this and this is the way it solved the problem
go to control panel in nvidea------> 3d settings ------> set power management mode to maximum performance
this will ensure that the fans will spin on the card continuously without it deciding when to turn on the fans this solved the kernal 41 error for me
Maximum Performance doesn't do that for the fans, it just makes sure GPU runs at full power. I know as I used to use it, and still had to use fan software to make fans always run on my RTX 2070 Super.

Kernal power events aren't really errors. They are a reaction to a restart, not the cause. Often its 41(63) so I don't see 278 very often

You might find its the drivers at fault. Should run Display Driver Uninstaller in Safe mode, uninstall Nvidia Drivers, boot back into normal and either:
1. Download new ones from Nvidia, or
2, Run Windows update and let windows find older Nvidia drivers.
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