June Community Showcase


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Nov 25, 2019
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June wasn’t the biggest month for releases, but it certainly cut the brakes on the hype train. I hope everyone is strapped in as we barrel toward Baldur’s Gate III early access and Cyberpunk 2077.

It was also a great month for quality threads about said hype and how best to prepare for impact. Yes, the train metaphor falls apart fast, but I’m committed now so it’s full steam ahead to showcasing the best threads from the past thirty days.

As always thanks to everyone for making the PC Gamer Community a welcoming and cool place! You’re awesome.

Best Couch Games For Me And My Kids - @DEATHxxHIPPIE

With a really sweet question entirely at odds with the username, DeathxxHippie asks what the best games are to play couch co-op with his kids. If you’re after settling in with your feet up and a pad in hand then there are some great suggestions here. Overcooked is pretty great, but be warned no other game generates the emotions of working in a busy kitchen and you must resist going full Gordon Ramsey.

D&D Computer Adaptations - @Sarafan

Speaking of BGIII, there have been so many D&D adaptations over the years that try to bring the system wholesale from the tabletop with mixed results. Sarafan and co talk about some of their favourites here. Hop right in and tell them why it’s Neverwinter Nights because of the insane amount of mod support it provides (or complain it doesn’t have a great single player and be wrong!)

What Games Rekindled Your Love of PC Gaming? - @onigiristudio

Have you ever gotten on the wrong side of the gaming tracks? Wandering listless and struggling to feel enthused about what you’re playing? Then this is the thread for you to share your experience and what pulled you back in or just enjoy talking about why PC Gaming has always been your first and only love.

Power Overwhelming

You know what all of those hype trailers are good for? Hardware company stock, because if you watched the Cyberpunk trailer and didn’t instinctively think about how to upgrade your rig then you’re made of stronger stuff than I.

Luckily we have a bunch of really helpful threads that can assist you in making sure you’re primed and ready for the future.

Nvidia Upgrade For Cyberpunk

New Gaming PC - Expert needed

I Have a New Gaming Laptop -What Housekeeping Should I Do To Start?

Special Mention - @Krud
Krud makes good posts, he’s a great member of the community and we wanted to make sure he gets a shout out for just being himself! Keep on being awesome.

We'll be looking for more cool community members and threads to showcase at the end of July! As always, if someone is deserving of a call-out for being rad or you feel we've overlooked something really cool be sure to let us know. We're always looking to recognise the best of the community and regularly feature good posts in PC Gamer articles.


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