Is there a special games someone in your life?


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Hi folks!

Happy Valentines Day from us to you! We've definitely hit on the subject before, but if there's a romancable NPC, dreamy main character or villain you just can't help but hold a candle to - please share them here (respectfuly).

We have an amazing list here to chat about:

But maybe your special someone isn't on the list? Let us know!

I'll start:

Dear Wyll, from Baldur's Gate: I love you. You're always polite, you're a great dancer and you're amazing with a sword. 😍

Joking aside, he's so well written and well voice acted, I honestly find him super relatable and easy to go on missions with. It's either him or Karlach for me every time :)
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I wrote this on the Cyberpunk 2077 Discussion thread.

Any time there is a potentially romantic situation I always try to make it weird and awkward. On the date with Rogue, I made her really upset at me and she left. Maybe I’m just a little jerk but it’s hilarious to keep shooting down the characters the game wants you to romance.

I feel this way about any game that has potential romantic partners. I don’t know why I get as big of a kick out of doing this as I do. Perhaps I’m narcissistic, but really I think I’m just a jerk in games that give me the freedom to be one because it’s not how I’d act IRL, so to me it’s fun to play a character that is unlike your real self.

However on the other hand I will say, River Ward and I got pretty close and I chickened out when I had to opportunity to kiss him. 😂
Was from the horror game Slay the Princess. But the only one I remember before that one was Witcher 3, which also didn't turn out so well since I failed to pick just one of my choices. Before that I guess it was Dragon Age Origins, but I don't remember who it was :)

I generally don't play many games with romance options and when I do play them, I try to avoid the romance.

Edit: I just remembered my unwanted romance in Pumping Simulator 2. Haha, that probably doesn't fit the thread's theme either.
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For me, i would go all out on valentines day for Nico !! An NPC/ Arms Dealer from Devil May Cry . I thought her character was well done, and her jokey/southern accent fit in well with Dante and the others.

She also has an article on the subject of how good of an NPC addition she was

Nico behind the workbench! Always rolling up in the van.

The only video game romance I've really cared about is the one I had with Tali in Mass Effect.

My wife is much more romantic than me, having specific NPCs for various games she always romances. In Skyrim, for example, she always marries Belrand (though mostly for his fighting skills) and in Stardew Valley she always goes after Elliot until the sewers are unlocked, after which she marries Krobus.


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Let's see, a gal that's able to take care of herself in a fight, smart, plenty gorgeous, and her mom makes THE best pizza in the entire city...

She also throws herself at me. A lot. How does a girl this good get so insanely thirsty? Maybe I should stick with the original game's version. She's blockier, but much less likely to... you know... eat her mate.

I'm not going to spoil the end...
Because she dumped him and came to live with me! ;)
Jul 27, 2023
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Being an 80s kid, some of my first forays into gaming was with the Street Fighter series so I'd have to go with Chun Li. She's deadly to use as a character and I'd definitely ask her to be my Valentine.

I can remember pausing the game during Street Fighter II when she is being electrocuted by Blanka and wondering why she has bones in her boobs.

The first gaming character I 'liked' was Telsia Murphy from Star Trek Elite Force. These days it's Sadler Adler and no one will ever unseat her. The accident that McKenna plays her with is so fun to listen to. I really wish she did Audio books. Roger Clark does (sometimes with his Arthur Morgan voice, sometimes with this oddly aristocratic Australian voice).