Is the Asus prime h410m-a compatible with a rtx 3060

Nov 14, 2023
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New to this forum and looking for some advice about potentially upgrading my pc or getting a new one.

I've got an Asus h410m-a motherboard with a gtx1650. I'm looking to upgrade the graphics card to a rtx3060 and wondered if this is compatible with my motherboard and worth doing?

Sorry if this has been asked before.

Thank you for any advice
(I'm a kid by the way)
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Hi and welcome!

Its completely compatible with the motherboard, no chance it wont be. What you would need to check is the wattage and model of power supply you have installed, and also what case its going in.

New card will need to get enough power from the right type of cables, and also physically fit in the case you have.
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