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Sep 6, 2020
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Hello Everyone! I'm Richard (and yes, you can call me Moosey) - I'm working with the wonderful team, Skullbot Games. Who are they and what are you on about you ask!?

(∩^o^)⊃━☆゚.*・。゚ BEHOLD.

Founded in 2016, Skullbot Games consists of AAA veteran game developers Jeremy “Gaffer” Gaffney and Doug Koup and a number of friends. Skullbot has a strong AAA pedigree - having team members who previously worked on games such as Wildstar, Guild Wars, Overwatch, and City of Heroes. Their mission on entering the indie world: to handcraft titles that get gamers excited - including themselves!

Nominated for “Best Indie Game” by Marooner’s Rock at PAX East 2020, recipient of the Epic Megagrant, and a selection in the PAX Online Showcase, Gone Viral is a hack n' slash physics-based roguelite. You are a prison inmate battling for your freedom to the delight and amusement of a bloodthirsty crowd on the streaming game show called...GONE VIRAL!

Influenced by movies like “The Running Man” and “Gladiator,” each match plays like a life-or-death game show episode. The goal: win over fans with over the top crazy combos and kills. The Fans may reward you - sending strands of the Mutation Genome to power you up, make you weirder, and hopefully gain the strength it takes to defeat The Champ.

It's worth noting that The Fans are trying to reward or kill you while you play - and because variety is the key, each run is different as The Fans have personalities, voting for speedrunning behaviour, zany play, or being outright bloodthirsty...but it gets weirder - Fans can either provide the player with mutations, weapons, or events that can either help or hinder your progress, voting to send you over-the-top rewards or even changing combats room to room by raining down gifts, filling the room with rubber duckies - or dropping nuclear bombs.


If you stream Gone Viral, your real viewers can join in the fun - With popular rogue-likes just scratching the surface of Twitch integration, the Skullbot team pushed the envelope and focused on tying in a deep, robust audience integrated experience to affect gameplay, by allowing the streamer’s audience to directly affect the outcome of the game through voting in chat and chat boxes appearing over various monsters in the room. Followers can either help or hinder the streamer’s progress - provoking emotions from genuine excitement to absolute despair during a live broadcast.


The Skullbot team will continue to focus on producing more crazy content, and focus on deep roguelite systems and robust and innovative stream integration over the course of Early Access on September 24, 2020 and we also have a free demo out right now for you to try! There’s creature-walloping-into-combos and mutation-drone-crate insanity ahead!

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Thanks for reading, we look forward chatting with you all soon <3

~Team Skullbot
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