So...Who are you? and What are you in for?

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Sep 6, 2020
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WHAT? Another competition?!
Moosey what is this?!
...You may ask.

We at Skullbot tend to go on the crazier side of things and gunned for not one, but TWO competitions here at PC Gamer to ensure we also have something for everyone here.

If you haven't tried the demo out yet - We recommend it! It will provide much-needed context for these competitions and allow you to accurately hit the thematic elements.

Let me explain.

In the Gone Viral universe, you are a "Volun-told" contestant on a killer gameshow for the entertainment of a bloodthirsty crowd! But - by their standards, you are considered a criminal! The reasons for your incarceration might be up for uh...debate. But don't take it from me - here's our character Decimus's mugshot here.

Photo proof:

...Like I said. Up for debate.

But this is where you come in!
The Challenge
  • Come up with your own character name and 3 "crimes" you've committed in the Gone Viral universe that landed you in prison and post it here! (Don't be shy)
    • Example:
      • Name: Dirk McDuffy
      • Guilty Of: Singing the wrong lyrics of hit songs, Driving with the windows down, Shoelaces untied during a full moon
  • Post them up here and the developers (Gaffer & Blobdole) will select their favourites.
The Prize
  • The Top 3 selections will win a commissioned art piece of their character! You will have your own silhouette-style "mugshot" drawn with all your crimes in there.
    Furthermore - the 3 winners will be featured in a loading screen in the game where the whole world will have a chance to see you guys and what you did!
  • Winners will be selected by September 18, 2020!
The Rules
  • This contest is exclusive to forum members - So make sure if you want to tell a friend to try it out, why not introduce them to the community and have them join!? We wanted this to be special for you guys, so we think that's a fair ask.
  • Be Clever! Not disrespectful or Gross - We have a wonderful sense of humour, but there's always a line. So we ask that you kindly keep it within the boundaries of fun and silly humour - not disrespectful, attacking, or mean. A good rule of thumb is - if it will break the Forum rules, it'll break ours!
  • Have Fun! - Yay!
So now back to our original questions...

"Who are you?...Whatya in for?"

We're excited to see your responses! As you may have seen in the other competition...we're keeping our eyes peeled for any funny banter/quotable things in these threads. For...Reasons.

Have lots of fun with this and good luck to all!

Mucho Love,
~ Team Skullbot (and Moosey)
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