How many people still love the old games?

Apr 18, 2023
I think, the old games were more fun, now the new games might have good graphics and all, but old games were more fun to play? Do you agree?
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I think, the old games were more fun, now the new games might have good graphics and all, but old games were more fun to play? Do you agree?
Most definitely not!! I pick up games on GOG sometimes for nostalgia, but it's rare for me to play any of them for more than a few hours. Even the deepest of games was simplistic by today's standards - there's only so much you can cram into 48K of memory.
While I used to enjoy the Solitaire pack bouncing out of my screen, I have to agree with @Zloth in general.

♣ Having to write BAT files to start a game with special parameters so it would work on your hardware—not fun!

♦ Uneven difficulty from level to level, due to poor design and difficulty with testing adequately—not fun!

♥ Generally harder, probably due to video games first becoming popular in arcades, where the devs incentive was to keep you feeding money into the machine—not fun!

♠ Bad controls. Your dexterity didn't matter if your gaming device wasn't translating it properly on screen. Perfect jump? Nah, not on my watch!—not fun!

♣ Pixel hunting, those things were SOO frustrating, if you didn't click the exact pixel to release the object… Grr—not fun!

♦ No saves. Yep, so many games with no freakin' saves—not fun!

All that said: thank you old game devs, you birthed a beautiful industry! :D
A lot less DLC and Pay to win in old games (Provided we aren't talking about arcade games)

Games broken at launch in the past? tough luck, it is still broken after release. Made you get it right before release. The only games we remember got it right. Made people try.

Compared to now... release broken game at launch and maybe fix it if your social media team can't tell everyone to go away because they are bad people...

We still get broken games but now people think it might get fixed after release unless its one of the yearly franchises and it will be replaced in a year by another broken game. Rinse repeat.

games were better when they were less about being pretty and more about things to do.
Grim Fandango , first pc game i ever got and i still use it at least once a year .... bring it on ..

Escape from monkey island .. my first real challenge with AI , know WHAT to do ( walkthroughs ) is not enough the AI needs to log you have done it , example , i knew where the bronze hat was but unless i aske 1 person the same question over and over he would not TELL me where to dig , then i found it.

The Thing , i grabbed it as it was being removed from the shelves , way back then spitting heads open , in the aircraft hanger , was not acceptable.

Legend of Grimrock 1 and 2 , the map for both are massive.

The problem i find with a few old games are that todays pc's are too good and even though they work you can jump onto a cliff and fall through it .... the answer is compatability mode to match the windows version when they were made.

Spectrum .... i changed 128k version of football director data to team names of my own , it was quiet funny to see my local under 12's team beat Brazil in the world cup final
I still play old games a lot. I've got a raspberry pi with a whole load of emulators installed on it. Currently going through front mission 3. after that i'll probably complete a whole load of Nes / famicom games.

I still play doom 2 a lot, though its the constant community wads that get released by a very active modding community. Currently i'm playing mapping at warp speed. it uses skillsaws ancient aliens texture set and according to the dev notes, each map was created with only 10 hours and map 29 was a "hot potato" map where everyone was handed the map and spent 1 hour to add to it.

So far not bad, its surprisingly difficult compared to some of the wads i played.
Jan 14, 2020
♦ No saves. Yep, so many games with no freakin' saves—not fun!

This is my main gripe with older games. As much as I love older games for the foundations they’ve built for modern games to advance, some of them are just not fun to play. The worst thing for me is no autosave or games with no saves at all. Nothing frustrates me and makes me want to quit a game more than losing 30+ minutes of progress because of this :ROFLMAO:


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Jan 14, 2020
I think, the old games were more fun, now the new games might have good graphics and all, but old games were more fun to play? Do you agree?

Basically it all depends on how old titles we're talking about, but I love these games. They're often more entertaining and engaging than modern AAA titles. I even made a thread one day about very good old games that never made into digital distribution:

I also like when old games get some graphical upgrade. I'm an advocate of Ray Tracing in general and think that even old titles can benefit greatly from it. There's something charming in a combination of pixelated graphics and modern lighting provided by the technology. I'm waiting impatiently for NVIDIA RTX Remix which will allow to add quite easily Ray Tracing features to old games. Right now you can use mods for Quake 1, Serious Sam, Doom 1993 and Half-Life to add this technology and it looks great!

I also buy old titles regularly on GOG. Probably I won't be able to play once again most of them because of time limitations, but I like to have them in my library. It's a form of nostalgic trips to times when things were easier (or at least we perceive them this way). I also try to buy from time to time boxed versions of games that never made into digital distribution and probably never will, but this can be costly unfortunately.
Mar 18, 2023
Oh, I still enjoy very much playing retro games like Pac Man, Ms. Pac Man, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr., Asteroids, Galaxian, Centipede, & more! :)