How many Guns do you want in a game?

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SE5 seems to be as well received as SE4, which is an excellent game—both are TPP and mainly open world, grab SE4 too sometime.

Have you tried Sniper Ghost Warrior 3? It's an AA game, but good enough that I've replayed it once so far. Open world, but it's empty, and getting around early on is a pain if you don't drive—next replay I'll prob suck my cheeks in and drive a jeep all over the place to activate the fast travel points.
I've never tried any of them.
Just realized … I totally misinterpreted this thread
Want me to pass on the list of all the others?

Infinitely Customizable Gun (ICG)

So what about you get a minimum of each type, say just one AR, but can almost completely design its characteristics? Maybe use sliders for different attributes, which run 0-10, and you're given say 50 points to distribute. So you can max out 5 items and leave the other 5 at zero, or… or…

My problem is the lack of any practical way to compare the huge choice, ie the choice is useless to me.

With ICG, upgrades & perks are handled by giving more slider points, or upping the top limit of some sliders. Capture that stockade, woohoo, Damage Slider is now max 15! Snipe a pilot, here's 3 free points for Accuracy and 2 for Range.

Point being, I spend 5 minutes max setting up all my weapon classes, and then know exactly what I have for the rest of the game.
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Sword or Knife
ah, the bring the knife to a gunfight maniac. 🔪😆

Antique collectible gun.
say what? ye want to be barrel loading musket balls? 🎱

All the cool guns possible! You can never go wrong with more 🤷🏽‍♀️
-Rambo *cough cough*
I like a good selection of guns in game, but when the loot system drops like 10-15 at a time is annoying. I used to like Borderlands for instance, but their loot system just became exhausting over time.
yeah! Borderlands is very good, but all that options *sometimes* feels like wading through a bunch of candy you won't eat.
Bringing a lot of weapons to the table can be a blessing and a curse. It can add immersion, diversity, and a lot of room for creativity, however it can also bog down performance, overwhelm, or just straight up be unfit for the title.

If you really want to immerse yourself in the world of a shooter, having access to a more personal arsenal tends to be really enjoyable. Whether it's a collection of weapons you might possess in the real and be comfortable with shooting, or just whatever weapons you've heard about and take interest in, having a wide selection can ensure your tastes are met equipment-wise, and you can always experiment with countless other options if you wish. In games that offer a shooting range or sandbox, having that wide variety directly at your fingertips is exhilarating. Being able to test all sorts of custom builds can help you build a style or refine a pre-existing one. In games that allow a wide selection of further attachments, it's really fun being able to spend hours custom-tuning a weapon to look exactly how you want it to. Really, it's a benefit to the player's imagination.

However adding a massive selection comes at the cost of increased performance requirements, which can be a problem for users with average or lesser machines. In more recent years, better tech has become more available and cheaper to the consumer, however even still not everyone has access or ability to get the high-end parts some highly diverse games require. Many weapons can also easily overwhelm most people. It can come as quite a shocker to users when they discover a massive list of possible loot, unsure as to what they're looking at or else just not wanting to go through so many things to find the right one for them. Additionally, some games are better off having a lower weapon count, like movement shooters and linear slayer-types.

However, as for myself, I really enjoy variety and diversity when it comes to most aspects of a game, like equipment and weapons for example. There is no clear "best," just situational opinions.


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