Question How can I improve my pc with less than 260 dlrs?

May 23, 2020
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Hi good afternoon, so lately I been having a buttload of t bottleneck so I am looking forward to change my cpu, I have a maximum budgt of 260 dlrs, with the parts that I have right now how can I stop having bottleneck and play in 60 fps during the next 3 years no matter if it is in low. (I want to spent the less possible due to the big economy depression that is coming) I am really interested in games like Warzone that as you know are very Cpu demanding
Right now I have:
i3 6100
Rx 470
gigabyte h110m ddr3
8Gb ram ddr 3 XPG
600 wts certified power supply
So if anyone can tell me what to change I will be very grateful, just remember please that I am on budget and look forward to spent the less I can.
Hi. Before you go spending money, have you tried all other options?

-How are your CPU and GPU temperatures? I like to run GPUZ and Coretemp on the desktop when I'm gaming, as I've had issues with other OSDs. You can check the max in game temp after a game in the apps and report to here if you like.

-Related to the above, is your case, CPU and GPU clean? if you can see visible dust on any of the intakes and heatsinks give them a clean with some compressed air.

-Its worth checking you don't have too many programs running in the background. Close down all unnecessary programs from the system tray. If you're not sure what is and isn't necessary, you may have to search Google.
-Do a fresh install of your AMD graphics drivers.

-Do you have an SSD and is the game installed there? If you do and it isnt, move it there

-If the game is running on a traditional HDD, defrag the drive.

-We will also have to assume that your internet connection is good, I'm afraid I'm not really the guy for that but you should look into your ping to the COD servers. Someone else here might know or it shouldn't be hard to Google how to check it.

Check all of that and see if performance improves. Once we establish all of that doesnt help you can look into throwing money at the problem :)

Some other questions.

What resolution is your monitor or TV?

What version of Windows are you running?

Do you have one stick of RAM or two to make up 8GB?

Whats the exact make and model of your PSU?

Whats the make and model of your PC case?
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