Question What Program Can I Use To Monitor the GPU Onscreen During Diablo 4?

Feb 19, 2023
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I'm having reboot problems in Diablo IV. I identified the error in the Windows log, and it says it is associated with the GPU or GPU driver. I have reinstalled the driver, with no change. . My GPU is eight weeks old, and a very high-quality card. However, as we all know, anything can fail early on in this game.

I need a program that will let me monitor the GPU temps and usage onscreen, while I am playing D4 to clarify the issue. I've downloaded the MSI afterburner product, but even when I set it up as recommended, it does not appear onscreen, for whatever reason.

I'm guessing some of you must have working, oncreen monitoring, during games,. of the GPU CPU etc? Help needed!
Nvidia or AMD?

For Nvidia you can use MSI Afterburner, under Settings>Monitoring check the OSD box.

I dont believe you can use the Afterburner OSD with AMD cards. But AMD has an option in the Adrenaline software to monitor. Under the performance tab you can select what values you want to see on the right hand side under tracking, you can to turn on the OSD (on screen display) under 'overlay'. You can also use Ctrl-shift-O to enable it at any time.
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