Question Help with constant freeze/stutter issue

Mar 17, 2023
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Hello everyone,

I am having a huge problem with a poor gaming experience, and have been for the last couple of months.

I have the following PC:

GTX 1660 Super


32gb(2x16gb) 3200MHz DDR4 RAM


I am experiencing constant small freezes/stutter-ish. I've uploaded a video so you can see what I'm talking about.

I've checked everything and tried everything, or at least I would like to think so :)

I've done everything from getting new internet to stresstest my CPU and GPU, tried with difference cords/wires, different monitors, different everything.

I've tried pretty much every setting I know from NVIDIA controlpanel to the regular windows 10 settings.

I've even cleaninstalled windows 10 with a usb-drive.

My FPS is pretty stable since I capped it at 125.

Apex clip

I hope you can help :DD
Welcome to the forum :)

What resolution and frequency are you trying to run?

Try any of these you haven't done until something helps:

♣ Swap between Windowed, Full Screen, and Windowed Full Screen.

♦ Turn off any apps you have running on/in game, eg Steam overlay, Discord chat etc.

♥ Turn off any game recording app and Windows Game Bar.

♠ Turn off other non-MS apps which are live in memory, via Task Manager.

♣ Turn VSync on or off.
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