HDMI 2.1 120hz for PC Games + PC Movies/TV/Youtube + Browsing/Normal Windows use


This is probably relevant to all relatively recent Sony Bravia 4K Android Smart TV's in the last 1-3 years?... but in particular; I have a 2020 - X90H/X900H/X9000H (different name in different places).

It has been upgraded after release – to have HDMI 2.1 120hz for two different Enhanced Modes on the TV….

  • PC Games including a VRR Variable Refresh Rate option for gaming and
  • A Dolby Vision option for Movies/TV (for me that would be sent from my PC). I don’t see any reason why this wouldn’t’ work for cloning my PC screen for general use also like Browsing and usual windows tasks too?

So I want to use it for both of these functions.

I’ve read a lot online about how the 120hz just doesn’t work properly and is totally blurry – but it seems most of those discussions are only talking about consoles like the new and previous Playstation etc…

I don’t care about consoles as I don’t have one...

I’m only interested in how these things work with my PC and my TV.

So I have a 12700K, 32gb 3600, RTX 3070 Ti et – I will be running Windows 10 (maybe dual boot to 11?)

So, Does the HDMI 2.1 120hz work properly/fully for:

1) Gaming from PC – whether from Steam, Origin… etc etc etc
2) Playing back 4K Movies/TV shows from something like VLC or whatever
3) Streaming 4K video from Youtube or some source that is actually 120hz etc
4) Browsing the Internet
5) Normal Windows usage eg file explorer, office etc

On my TV specifically and for this series - they have an enhanced mode option in the TV settings for either Dolby Vision or VRR… but not both at once sadly. This option is only for the HDMI 3 + 4 (3 is ARC).

Instead I guess you can select one for HDMI 3 and one for HDMI 4 if you want (but need two cables).

So yeah – how well does it work with these 5 tasks?
Does it work properly at all or is it blurry and ghosty just like it is with the consoles?

Thank you for your help
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