Have you ever been "hit" by something whilst online gaming.

Ok so anyone who knows me will know that i like to come up with different topics on a regular basis , hence the post title.
Somebody i know has never "bought" a game in his life so i say its tough luck if he gets trashed with viruses etc and yes he does.

He once asked me if i had ever had any bad experiences and i recalled something that happened to me whilst playing guildwars 1.

On the day in question i logged in and before i started playing i looked at the chat and it was obvious that something was going on , lots of players were saying things like ..... my pc keeps rebooting .... or ... my screen is doing odd things.

I grabbed the mouse but a split second before i pressed the log out button my screen went black and my pc shut off , i managed to boot up the pc to the desktop but their were so many things that would not work i had no choice but to use the factory made reset discs and make it as a never used pc.

It turned out that somebody had managed to attack the servers and hit everyone who was online at the time , the makers estimated that at the time of the attack around 32k players had got their pc trashed.
In 2002 when i got my first pc i did not actually know anyone who had one , i switched it on and within 10 minutes i got my first virus. All the pre-installed bloatware updated itself and during this a box came up saying "gator needs you to install this file so you can carry on" ..... so as i was updating bloatware i did not suspect anything.

My 10 minute old pc died and my isp said that at that time gator was the king of spyware and viruses.


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