Have you ever been annoyed by a repeating sound effect in a game?

The sound in Supermarket Simulator isn't the best. Besides the fact that every car that passes your store sounds like a Model T, even the Lamborghini that drives by 20 times a day, there is this one sound that goes off about once a minute that is driving me nuts. I can't figure out what it's supposed to be. My best guess is that it might be an ambient bird sound. No idea.

Now most of you don't play the super high quality games that I play, but I thought maybe it would be worth asking if a sound effect has ever gotten on your nerves.
Far Cry 5 has the 'Arcade Guy' in various places around the map, extolling the virtues of playing the community-made arcade-mode maps. He's the most irritating recent noise effect I can think of, I was so glad when the Resistance mod zapped him.

Not quite a sound effect, but daamn… 'THIS GAME IS AWESOME YOU CAN PLAY WITH YOUR FRIENDS.'

Command and Conquer has similar every time you click an infantry and he goes 'Yes Sir, right away Sir!' or whatever—gets old after the first 100 times.
It seems I have blocked most of them out of my memory, but one that did come to mind is the "death" sound whenever a villager dies in Black & White.

It's not really a problem if you play the game normally, as villagers usually don't die very often (unless you forget to feed your worshippers), but if you focus on creating big cities with lots of villagers there's going to be a constant stream of "death" whispers as villagers die of old age.
Pools demo. In that game whenever you ran it sounded like you were running on metal and if you walked slowly it would sound like the correct surface you were walking on.
I dont mind sound effects but i always turn off background music because its either repetitive or why it suddenly changes its a clue that some thing is about to happen and spoils the surprise
Just wait until you hear the cliff racers in Morrowind. That sound will stick with you for the rest of your life to the point of waking up in the middle of the night all sweaty thinking that you heard a cliff racer flying past you.


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ELEX 1: walking over rocks had a short ambient sound effect that really grated on me. It sounds like rolling rocks - like the beginning of a rockslide, but you're just walking over solid rocks.
Guess what got ported over to ELEX 2.

May 17, 2024
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Definitely! Repetitive sound effects can be super annoying. In Supermarket Simulator, the Model T sound for every car, including the Lamborghini, is a big miss. It breaks immersion and gets on your nerves quickly. That mysterious sound going off every minute is likely a poorly looped ambient effect. Maybe it's a bird sound that's too distinct. In other games, I've had issues with constant armor clinking or repetitive footsteps. It really takes away from the experience. Tweaking audio settings might help reduce the annoyance. Sound design is key for immersion, and when it's off, it’s really frustrating.
@Zloth You mean like those swanky parties on Yara?

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