GTX 1080 ti artifacts

Apr 23, 2022
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Why could this be happening? It all started when i turned my pc on went to play a game when it showed an error that i'm using integrated graphics, i went to device manager there it said my gpu isn't working (code 43), i reinstalled the drivers it seemed to fix the problem but when i went to play a game after maybe 2-5 minutes artifacts would pop up and it would crash, then i reinstalled windows thinking my drivers are glitching, but i'm still getting artifacts, temps seem fine and before all of this I was playing cpu intensive games like Arma 3, Dayz etc. So i highly doubt that i managed to destroy my vram.


Temps right after artifacts
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Might simply be time for a new PSU. If not that, then the GPU may be failing (that would be worse given today's market prices and availability).

Your GPU temps looked okay, so re-pasting likely would not solve the issue.
1000 series unfortunuately doesnt have either VRM or VRAM temperature sensors afaik, so its impossible to monitor them.

Sometimes thermal pads will leak a little oil onto the PCB around where they are applied and stain it a little, but from your picture that looks like there are actual burn marks on the PCB on the top right of the chip. Not 100% sure but it might be a case of RIP I'm afraid, given the symptoms you're describing.
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