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my replay list is also just the only games I play. So I guess I do as I get stuck playing the same games for ages of time hoping something will come along and be as good.
You can get sick of playing the same games all the time.

That and 10 year old games don't really test out any new hardware you may have.
Grim Dawn really isn't doing that either. The parts inside my PC act as if I was on desktop when in game, unless I play all day and then the radiator starts to heat room up. I think my exhaust fans are doing such a good job keeping PC cool that my room overheats.
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You are a bad influence on me
I wandered into the Tyrants hold area

shame I use electric attacks...
shame I was lvl 36 when i went in... i tend to over lvl some areas.

I haven't gone far in, just 1st round of quests. I wonder if there is a shrine in this zone... that is main reason I do some zones.

Nice to find manticores, they pretty rare. Can drop some nice items. Can find them in zone after Homestead as well. And a zone in the desert.. no wait, that is gargoyles. Gargoyles can drop nice items.

Still using same dagger, 1 handed weapons with savagery are pretty hard to find. 2 to 3k per hit, it doesn't feel big enough. Feels wrong to just be using a dagger. So far nothing comes close to its damage though.
I spit out enough damage as is, I have the Rhowans Crown/Elemental Storm Devotion on main attack and Tempest/Reckless Tempest devotion on my 2nd attack. Its electrical storms where ever I go. Second attack is wind devils so they like pets but only last so long, so constantly summoning them.

its autumn so naturally next weekend its going to be 35c

I killed bug queen at homestead before I got the quest. Its good that doesn't break quests.

I went from Cronley to heading into the area where you pick between the Black Legion and the necromancers. Black Legion are easier side.
What other places did you open up?
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Had a nice grind today and dinged level 50 on normal. Been opening new areas; Port Valbury and East Marsh. Killed The Mud King, Ka Kalis the Bonehunter (who gave me the new legendary) and Herald of Stars. The Port Valubury was a pretty hard area to clean. Took a couple of rifts and killed Bane' Gargoth ( Kymon's Chosen quest) that was hiding in the rift from Plains. Found some secret areas, so the map is getting closer to being completed now. A couple of good drops, the % All dmg/30% chance of increased Physical Damage on the axe is nice, and the Prismatic Shield skill will help a lot in the next difficulty. Will do some more grinding for a couple of days and clean up the map before I venture into the next difficulty.


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I know where Port Valbury is but how do you get to it?

I have a lvl 46, I just have too much choice when it comes to who to play. I have too many over 40 really.

One of the expansions changes how the first town appears, the merchant on far left of your photos gets a mutant change in appearance.

I think empowered weapons start showing after 45 as I have one myself. Only the same 2 legendaries still.

you should putr all the purple items in your bag into a slot on shared stash. Everyone can use them there... and frees up some bank space. I put all my components on same tab

its possible I have too many. When you hit 2000 you start to wonder if there is a way to not pick them up

Some things are rarer than others. One day I might use the extra potions it gives me... only do it now accidentally. I wonder if Brain matter etc stack to 1000. Others I only have less than 10 of.
I know where Port Valbury is but how do you get to it?
I went east from Homestead and entered the aetherial rift in Conflagration.

you should putr all the purple items in your bag into a slot on shared stash. Everyone can use them there... and frees up some bank space. I put all my components on same tab
Much appreciated, I did not know you could share the purple ones. I tend to have some components in my bag (too many now) because I forget which one is the good ones and there is no bloody search option for them in the bank (I'm going to organize them into chest/head/weapons, etc later on) I see you have one though, so another nice thing they implemented with the expansions, too bad they forgot about vanilla.

it's possible I have too many. When you hit 2000 you start to wonder if there is a way to not pick them up
The Grim Dawn Item Assistant mod might be useful for that (at least it looks like you can just hide them) I'm a bit skeptical myself about installing mods before I have gotten all the expansions.
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there is no bloody search option for them in the bank
that was fixed in an expansion. You can search for cold and it highlights everything that is cold, for instance.

I like how the Jagged wastes area isn't a set lvl. Took my 46 in and everything was his lvl. MAde it actually worthwhile doing for more than just exploring


15k dps is nice to have. 9k per hit with my attack now. Could almost forget he needs to heal... its so rare.

Shaman base is nice if you want lots of health I find.

I ignore the conflagration as getting in is a pain. I will have to look at it again, the only time I saw it I didn't see a portal?

I spent most of day levelling up a gun user who was only lvl 24 before I started. I think its 36 or so now. I took it into the Jagged wastes and thought, I take someone slightly higher lvl in. are there any shrines in this area?
are there any shrines in this area?
I answered my own question. At least 1, might be another in tyrants hold

Ankovion Docks is an interesting place...


My incentive for 50.

Finally bought the 5th bank slot in shared stash, at least the last one is only 250k... another character can buy that.
I have to be careful what I use it for. SO far its empowered blues. I have a few now. Also moved all my purple components onto the page, give more space for the rare ones to multiply.

I found the portal to Port Vallbury before I found boss in conflagration. I remember fighting the boss there the 1st time and having no idea... this guy met those things before so just attacked it. Vallbury is a little dangerous it seems. I might go back after finishing chapter 4. All his quests are - go kill this boss. I am not in a rush. Up to boss in tyrants hold. He also at end of chapter 4. Finding heaps of stuff he can't equip yet.

Ever been to the Immolation?

just found an area I hadn't been in in chapter 7. Now on a hidden quest to do 3 dungeons to get some key. I do that um, next time I play him.
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Nice shield and dmg:)

I believe the portal is in a fixed area, this is where I found it :

No shrines in Jagged Wastes (at least not on vanilla)

I have some healing skills that I hope will be of good use in the next difficulty. Right now I am using Twin Fangs, Ghoulish Hunger (Only level 8 since I managed to unbind a skill, silly me), Dreyad's Blessing (when I get the next shrine) Blooddrinker, and Phenumic Burst. I can survive most things at this difficulty, with the exception of Atherial dots/channeling that eat HP away quite fast if I am not careful where I stand. Thankfully my raid experience in World of Warcraft has thought me the hard way not to stand in shait while having the raid leader yell at you.
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There is one shrine in a cave in shaded basin. Its just after a boss. There is also one in tyrants hold as its showing as a ruined shrine on my map now.

wish could just have a fullscreen map.

there is a hidden area right next to the old dump at beginning of the game.

pnuematic burst is my constant go to skill. When I play that class. Nice speed boost as well.

I have to finish the hidden quest as the guy who sent me on quest will send people to attack me if I don't. Its an expansion quest. Only get it after killing the god. I owe him for giving me deals during the chapter. His deals aren't that great. I don't think I ever used the items. Last was a lvl 50 ring though.

My wardens main heal is time. He gets 250 per second as regen. Just need to stop taking hits. He also called tank as he built like a brick. So he doesn't get hit much. Like you, only time he feels pain is dots.
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I decided to try out Elite juuuust a little. I managed to get into Smuggler's basin and met Gutworm, the Maneater. I forgot he was even there, but here sure stomped on my face the first time. I tried to tank his shots, but his dots+special attack was too powerful without moving away. My Blade Barrier(forgot to mention I had that one) skill from nightblade was what made me survive the second attempt. I tanked some of his shots, then used my blade barrier skill and used a pot while running away. Thankfully I managed to get out of the line of sight before he did his stun attack. Killed him finally, no good loot but my first tough fight on Elite.

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I took a necromancer there for a jog

Your resists take a hit in elite,-25% or something like that. I am not in a rush to get to next difficulty, I am going to look around first. Its just the same game again anyway.

Try choosing a differnt blacksmith, just to be different, I only done it on one character.

later on necro jogged up to the end boss of chapter 4 but well, its 3.30am, I should be asleep. So maybe next time.
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this seems an unlikely weapon to have Savagery on

its hard enough finding something with it, and then when you do its not a melee weapon...

I made new bladedancer/shaman mix. He still using lvl 24 swords at lvl 39. He took the slot of an arcanist/Necro build that made no sense to me.

Nothing exciting today, just took him from start to almost end of chapter 3.
if the dungeon leading up to the final boss of chapter 4 wasn't so long, I may have fought it two nights ago. Now I have to go through it all again... some time when I am awake more. Still prefer easy things to start day, so making a new character is easier than looking at the quest logs of most of my characters which is full of "Go kill this boss" quests. Its a little monotonous.

I wish there were more quests. Compared to Sacred 2, its not even trying. That game has over 600 quests, you could ignore main quest for days and just explore.
See the purple above the waterfall? That is my reflection... I don't know how that works

It gets it right if I am above waterfall

So I did my usual, look at lowest character and see why it sucks. It didn't take much, look at equipment the build is meant to be using... 2 swords. Right, its a necro/Oathkeeper build. They don't come with Dual wield by default... need a relic.. I can make it. Game had given him 2 almost identical weapons, eqauip 2nd... suddenly build makes sense. Suddenly he is stomping things.

He up to the end of chapter 4. He is only lvl 44, need to find something to do... same old problem, every quest is almost "Kill this boss" again. Still using a lvl 22 belt, so far nothing better,

Hobby... collecting clocks... not many in game so far

chapter 1

Chapter 3 - this one sometimes ticks after boss is dead.

could be more, I think the inventor in chapter 1 has one as well.

then I took a blademaster through to mid point chapter 4, and a commando up to the chapter 3 boss. Funny, one of the Pine Barrens bosses always drops an amulet with +1 all skills for soldier oin it, typical I take the one soldier who has a +5 forcewave amulet that he might never take off.
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Given that this merits its own thread and that it is $6.24 on Steam right now, I decided to make the leap. I've probably played less than an hour of action-rpg's in my life, but hopefully I'll get along okay with it. Going to try it out, and if I really like it, I'll buy a copy for Guido so we can do co-op.
Hope you like it!:) I'm playing another character with my nephew. He plays an Arcanist and I'm playing the same character as my main. Currently at level 20 and seems to be a nice combination. I'm tanking and doing most single targets with some area damage and my nephew is melting stuff with spells.
I would suggest watching videos about the basics of the game as it doesn't spell out a lot of things. Just picking a class is not something you do at start, but after you reach 1st lvl.

He plays an Arcanist and I'm playing the same character as my main. Currently at level 20 and seems to be a nice combination. I'm tanking and doing most single targets with some area damage and my nephew is melting stuff with spells.
hope he chose a 2nd class, you need the added mastery points if nothing else later on. Can only get so much as one class. A lot of my characters only take a few skills from one class and more from another. Dual wield necro/oathkeeper is mostly oathkeeper.

might go lvl up one of my low lvl characters again. Soon I won't have any of those either.
I don't remember my 1st character but it was when game was in beta, so there is that. My more recent first character was deleted a few weeks ago. necromancer who never chose a 2nd class at lvl 10. Was just easier to restart.

I think I need to delete one character, it doesn't make sense... its my only lvl 20 still.
I thought that with the 2nd I tried until I realised I was not using a skill right... then later I worked out I was wrong still. Its only meant to be a heal, but I had extra levels in it making it my main attack for a while until as usual, I found a better weapon. He better now. And I levelled up his actual attack.

I am not sure if having a huge range of damage on a weapon beats closer but smaller total


I was just about to attack the boss at end of chapter 3 and game crashed... sigh, I have to clear it all again.

2k of his damage is his helm.

He also found same blue chest piece 3 times and the hands that are part of set twice now... there are 5 parts, I wouldn't mind others... hmm, I can transmute set parts... costs 120k... um, maybe I rethink this.

Someone is missing

Go to fort Ikon, forget to talk to inquisitor at Homestead... guess I need to go back

found him. I didn't realise other guy was Ulgrim until I talked to him just now. Guess it makes sense... so why inquistor not help on last boss?
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Warlords - Soldier/Oathkeeper - should be really good tank, but it depends which attack you pick as main one. I have 3, 2 of them use righteous Fervour and so far my experience is almost every weapon with it has a really big damage range, from 14 to 143 on two maces I have. One has okay DPS - the only way to get huge damage on it is either 2 handers or use 2 weapons at once.
The 3rd Warlord used a soldier skill and he doesn't have a problem wiping the floor with most monsters. He hits them a few times and they bleed to death. Every hit does 2k bleed. Its really night and day. He is almost too easy. Has almost hit 200 heal pots now. DOn't get hit for much if everything just melts.

I had to reset his devotions since he hit 40 and I could set them up so main attack has its devotion power assigned.

I should get my battle mages up to the same area as everyone else.

the brain matters appear to also stack to 1000. I only guessing as similar items stack to 100 and show no sign of stopping.
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She is unstoppable... well, apart from me wanting to sleep

Her helm, amulet and medal all add to the damage of main attack skill, shield adds to an energy shield she lives in... her bubble. It got to point I forgot why I had my finger hovering over the 1 key - its the keybind I have for healing potions. She has 250 of them. Soldier base does that, makes you really tanky. Only slow part of build was first 20 lvls, as Blade Arc is more like sand paper until you can equip better weapons from desert. Just don't equip them in chapter 1 as game goes mental.

One advantage to being op was I could spend points only on mastery levels and not notice the difference. Some times you really need to spend the points on skills NOW instead of investing in the future. I only have 1 character who had it easy enough to spend 50 on 1 mastery... its a necro of course. Pets turn game into auto pilot. I have 1 direct attack on my cabalist but many uncontrollable ones...
  • 8 skeletons
  • 1 hellhound
  • 1 bird
  • 1 mutant thing
Game plays itself, as pet master you just have to keep them alive... and yourself out of harms way. I have no threat. His build so basic he now has points and nothing to spend them on.

Battlemage has to spend points forward in arcanist tree as she currently only has 1 attack... Blade Arc. Her other skill is a lvl 50 one. Lucky everything dies to the one she has so far. Other skill sounds like an AOE to me.

When she got to lvl 40 she had a shopping list of items to replace. Mainly the weapon and the helm, as she had lvl 20 versions of the same ones... almost. You never get exact but its close enough. Shield was also in same boat. I was lucky in that one other character had the weapon and the game was nice enough to drop the shield and helm for her.

I think the person who made this build has had to play around with it to get the points he has in devotions. I am currently investing in an extra constellation to get enough purples to do what he has done. One constellation gives 1 purple, I think he has used that to pay for itself as he only has 5 purples... I can only see a way to get 4 without that constellation. Once I get the points I need I can reallocate the points i will be missing... provided I can find enough shrines. Good thing you can refund the points spent.

Last dungeon she did was dropping lvl 50 armour, and I had to fight a 2 bosses at same time, which is always fun. One was lvl 49.

Need to go to conflagration, there is a shrine there.
Also one at Moretons claim in the annoying quarry
also one in a hidden dungeon linked to Ravnas cave.
I need to look around more - I will look tomorrow.

I am not missing that many in base game now. Most of them are in hard to find places. Or spots I don't go to unless I am really bored of life.

I asked if you had been to the Immolation, I see you now need honored with Dark Legion to get sent there so I guess not.

might visit hallowed hill, though its meant to be chapter 1 area. I always assumed it was higher since its hidden.
I need to go to East Marsh for a quest, there are 2 in that zone.

should find this as well -
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