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Going to try a nightblade build as the demolitionist build I used got boring fast. Not that it was bad damage-wise, but it was just fireballs, mortars, and cocktails being thrown all the time. Nightblade from start seems much more interesting (not even lvl 10 yet for second class), the instant teleport to an enemy starter skill is fun to use and you get a nice metabolism skill that helps a lot with the healing in fights. I also like to get up close and personal with the enemy, instead of just lobbing stuff at them.
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Not that it was bad damage-wise, but it was just fireballs, mortars, and cocktails being thrown all the time.
Sounds familiar. Sort of why I stopped this guy, even though he can kill things

torch does trick

Maybe demolitionist and Inquisitor my least played classes.

you get a nice metabolism skill that helps a lot with the healing in fights.
you get to point you use it in every fight, as one enhancement to it adds dodge ability so you don't get hit. I think half my characters are Nightblades. Nights chill is addictive if you make it a cold build. They are good at cold builds. POison seems obvious but there isn't a lot of gear for that. Vitality works.

Don't overlook blade burst, its amazing at killing crowds. I am trying to use all the moves of all classes to see which are the best. Lvl 50 skills hard to get to.

This guy is a Nightblade

He is modelling latest full set I have now

though I don't know if it actually made him better or worse.

I had found all the parts before but the 3rd part being a amulet meant it was a needle in a haystack situation, looking through all my lvl 30+ characters to find it. At least I know what it looks like now.

I made a new Warden - Soldier/shaman. Mostly shaman this one. She found a Mysterious Orb and it turns out it spawns a pet... mini dinosaur. The sound of its footsteps drive me mad. So I guess I won't be using it much. this isn't a pet build.
Warden strolling through game wondering when he might need to use a heal potion. Level 35. after one day.

it was less than a day as we had storms until about 7pm last night and I didn't stay awake all night to make him
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Easiest class combo to lvl for me is warden which is Soldier/Shaman. Both have skills that raise life amount, Military Conditioning and Heart of the wild buff health by 20% & up to 25% respectively. Shaman is all about healing and hurting things using Primal Strike**. Soldier skills just make you tougher.
Only downside is it can be too easy. Can get boring killing everything with same attack. I have to work out how totems work. I want to get her to Mastery lvl 50 just to try Stormcallers Pact.

Necromancer/Nightblade is fun too.
Most things with Nightblade are fun.

I just don't get inquisitor. To me, they are more a support class.. You take them to add just a few of their moves in to another class. Mind you, that is the same for most builds. Not many are equal. But for inquisitor its almost always the same few moves. Same can be said for occultist I guess, pet builds or they just take blood of dreeg
I can't make any more new without deleting old. So I probably made them all now. Top character was made as I didn't remember making combo before... I already have a few Wardens This is first one where I didn't steal the 3 part Shaman set off another character so he could be OP from start. He never saw any of it, he is so different he is using a sword instead of an axe. His main attack only works with 2 handed weapons.

**note, this is a stereotype. My top lvl character is part shaman but doesn't use Primal Strike. PS is face rolling the game once you get torrent as it cascades.
Sword my new character was using was short lived

It was beaten convincingly by its replacement

I found Brian's apartment

Halberd was side lined when I ripped one bosses arm off and used it as a sword.

He past my previous best already, though the quest he did wasn't exactly hard. Next one might be.

I have to watch out for that granted skill. since its auto.

Might play a non shaman based character and get to same point on them.
Granted skill seems to be every other fight... it didn't take long to see it.

I swapped onto an old character and I didn't like its build so I respecced it into a acid based attacker. Thing is, it was lvl 24 and had no acid based gear, so it was slow going at first. One advantage is character was so old, it had never been to desert. Between level 24 and lvl 37, there has been a dramatic turn around. He now destroys things faster in desert than any other character before.
At lvl 24 he used to drink potions too much, now that has stopped. He doesn't accumulate them as fast as other characters I have - one has 216 of them... they stack to 100. So I put 1 stack in bank. For a while the only characters that collected potions like that were pet builds.
He has a desire to reach level 40

He has to wait as he is almost up to the same stage in game as I played earlier today.

I understand wanting to get there. The new one has only gotten better as my skills increased. Adding Mark of Dreeg Component added about 200 DPS to weapon. Most of his equipment is better suited to acid/poison attacks now.,
Also has a new chest waiting for him to get to 40.

Helm he has increases the attack speed of his main skill by 15%, that is main thing that made him destroy anything silly enough to attack or be in way.
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One of the quests I did yesterday is a trick question.
If you do what is suggested by game, you get a dungeon with a miniboss to kill a few times.
If you don't do the suggested path, you get a hidden faction that gives new quests and items.
I am glad I looked at it online before answering a question.

I chose the hidden faction option, now have a quest in one of the extra zones. I think it was the one I went into out of curiosity a few weeks ago.

I knew about faction, I was curious how you met them. I should have looked at items to see if I made right choice, but that is not a concern. I have doubts if I ever get to 100. Every character is a learning curve.

I need to think to put all my dynamite in shared stash. The game loves showing you a chained up box you need dynamite to open, when you don't have one on that character. It happens a lot as I often go to desert before going too far into chapter 2. You don't get it in chapter 1.
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I made a demolitionist who has yet to throw any fire around. She is half Night blade so uses swords. There is a thermite mine in her future but so far she has not needed it.

she is a walking light show, as Vindictive flame is a red spiral around her body, and the usable skill on the Glacier relic adds a blue spiral that chases the red around my body.

i just noticed her shadow makes it appear she is being hanged.

She went from doing 42 damage to almost doing 8k - if I only did fire damage it would be likely around10k now, easy.

Weapons were in my bank all along, she just needed the right skill combo. I didn't know they were there until I found them. It wasn't pre planned.. I saved them for a rainy day.

She melts everything in her way. She already killed a bug & the boss after it.

She only stopped there as well, I don't feel like doing the same zone as the character I played yesterday. I started her to play something different. She just moved fast.

She went from worrying about first boss to melting almost all since.
Main attack is fire but 2nd one is ice... makes choosing gear interesting. Most of it adds to something

Cool having 2 flaming swords as well.

Her killing things before they hit her probably explains why she almost at 200 healing potions. I also don't need to use pneumatic burst as much right now. I am waiting for game to get hard again.

Some bosses have two phases. one guy I was fighting yesterday melted so fast with one attack I did he was in his 2nd phase almost right away. it surprised me. She wasn't that fast but it was close. You almost don't need to heal if you can kill things faster than they can kill you. Trying to burn down a boss while it is trying the same can be a race. pneumatic burst is a heal of sorts, also speeds up movement and attack speed. Life line for nightblades. They don't get as much life as soldiers or shaman, make up with it with dps... and skills that help you evade being hit.

Having op weapons means I can spend on mastery levels without being weakened by not buffing skills that round. Its the only way to get the higher skills on the tree. Some characters just seem to struggle. Need to spend on skills all the time. It wasn't clear how it all worked when I started following build.
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Finally made a caster only character.

One thing about game, is it doesn't spell out what the moves are. Flames of Ignafarr... doesn't tell me anything... flame thrower, now I understand.

So its a channelled spell meaning you rooted in spot until you stop casting, but not many things are immune to everything. And I can rotate my aim so stand in one spot and shoot everything around me. Worst part is the range isn't as big as I would like. Ranged enemies are still a pain.
She is also squishy but is somehow collecting heal potions. Has over 160 now. I knew early on I needed to manage energy usage as it being channelled means it uses energy constantly

Hardest part is replacing weapons. Not many I have include the right skill choices.

She not as far into game as others as I wasted time before making her trying a gun build. I chickened out early on.
Inquisitor/Arcanist build. Mostly Inquisitor which suits me as I haven't tried all their moves.

Took a little longer to kill 1st boss as couldn't just stand in front of him and beat on him. Second was pretty fast. She hasn't reached end of chapter 3 yet. She thought she would get a new weapon in one zone but they just didn't help. Unlike fire, there may not be a specific zone for drops with the attack she wants on weapons. She was using a lvl 16 weapon at lvl 33. Only choice game had offered was a 2 handed sword. Not that it really matters, she never hits anything physically - its really just a stat stick. Shield just offers more room for stats - the one she is using has 3 lvls of the spell on it.. sword only 2. I have a lvl 43 sword she can grow into, it does 250 DPS more than current I think...
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I have noticed the game will say a weapon is better than other one and its based on minimum damage, not max. I often swap them to find minimum gone up but the total is lower.

that is problem with comparing weapons. Unless you can actually equip them, you don't really know. I suspect the sword in bank will be better as its got the same bonus to the skill on that previous had. I can't see 250 DPS difference going away in 10 levels.

I looked through my other dual wield classes and found other weapons with the attack on it. I think I was being too specific and only wanting a fire weapon... mainly as that is damage type build supported at birth. I have a few ice weapons that will do until I can try sword.
I killed a god today... and a dog. Only managed a screenshot of the dog... it was easier than I expected it to be.. killing the dog, not the god. the god was only possible as I could pause game and collect my nerves. Lucky it died before I did. I do a lot of bleed damage, so apart from god its mostly hit something and watch it die.

Some of the item names are a bit long

Hey, I am trying to help, don't shoot

I could have cropped just the 2 of them but I decided to show its just their stance and the clone above has same stance

There is a quest, fight guardians of an altar and release a creature they were using for power... first time I fought the bosses i didn't know there were 3 in same arena. I also found out today you can fight one of them without the other 2 joining in, so that made it a little easier.
But I had tried it before and thought, I bet I have to fight the thing released at the altar... nppe. Instead he helps on the battlefield. really just shows up in one place but its cool. Now I need to re kill the 3 on character who chickened out.

He lvl 48, glad I didn't have to fight him

I did a quest towards end of play time and it didn't give me the item I was sent to get. So I guess I just repeat it and hope it works second time. Its not a fun quest. I went back 3 times just to check I didn't miss anything.

I finished main quest of chapter 7. I fought a god. He only had one phase so it wasn't so bad. Still more running away than previous bosses. The running away is waiting for a healing potion timer to run out so I can heal and get back into fight. its a repositioning out of the flames and stuff he was throwing around. I bet if I look at damage taken it won't be very high. I don't like being below 100% so any damage makes me heal... he probably be okay. Most he ever lost is 1200 health, he has 7k now.

Guess i need to sell some rings and stuff. I moved 100 heal and energy potions to bank, he doesn't need that many. Except for bosses and some areas, he hardly uses heals. I can run around without finger hovering over the 1 button.

I started night on the caster from yesterday, got her to about everyone else was and wanted to play someone more chunky. So I chose a Shaman/Soldier who was lvl 37 and hadn't even killed the swarm queen. He now way ahead of most other characters but he only lvl 44. He was lucky, I sent him to the areas he had got his weapons originally and game gave him the lvl 40 versions meaning he just had to get to lvl 40. He was doing about 8k dps... he um is back to making things turn to paste (and that isn't his final form, he can make the attacks better. Although one is pretty close to max)

that and skill levels have increased.

He mainly did chapter 7 quests no one had before.

I found a new shrine. its not exactly easy to get to though.

I also went into one of the optional zones, its where the dog was. Dog was actually easier than I expected it to be. I always assume quests are hard... one faction now wants her to go into a dungeon I haven't done since my original Necromancer. Full of skeletons. Joy... not. I suspect there should be a shrine in there too... i check tomorrow.

I should play my necro, he is being left behind. First to enter the zone where chapter 3 boss is, last to actually fight it.

casters seem to have a lot of downtime between fights waiting for mana to regen. Arcanist can have lots of mana but there isn't a skill that increases the rate enough for my liking. Tanks can motor through an entire dungeon and never need mana - it can come into play if your passive buffs are too high a lvl and create a negative regen rate... been there before. Arcnaist has an energy bubble that relies on a certain amount of energy reserved. I couldn't work out why it kept turning off in fights, but its cause I went below the reserved amount, and it turns off. Only real answer is one skill she has that greatly increases the mana pool meaning you rarely run out. Lucky potions do 35% of mana and not a given amount. So more you have the more you get back.
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so for something easy i took my necro into chapter 3 boss and let game kill him for me. But I got bored of that soon after. Took another to same boss, killed it... killed dog as well. then went into a skeleton dungeon only necros had done before. Its really small. and its got another shrine to add. I think there are 2 in there as there is a section you can only open one way. And the town warp thing doesn't work in that section. And the debuffs in the zone are really nasty.

Frindis wouldn't know about those, they aren't in base game. They were added to make some places harder. So far the ones I have had to deal with are
monster have higher retaliation effects - I didn't notice
Monsters attack faster

debuffs are a way to make me have 2nd thoughts about going into a place.

Zone dog is in had one. It wasn't so bad. But zone is bigger than I had seen last night, there is an entire area with a cathedral and a boss in it. I do remember finding it previous time I went exploring but I didn't see it yesterday. I missed the bridge. Today I found it right away and was confused as to whether I was in same zone or not. I knew to avoid it as it wasn't why I was there.

I don't feel like killing a god today.. twice anyway. Some one had to be a pioneer and find out how easy/hard some quests are.

Game seems to degenerate into - Go here and kill this thing

Tired of doing the same quests. Log onto a character and its - I need this and its like. thats the same as almost everyone else. Guess I did have a month of restarting new characters to avoid the unknown.
At least both the characters I killed chapter 3 boss with weren't tanks today. Only class I haven't fought him with in a gun user... but thats an easy guess. I think my highest is only lvl 35.

Starting to get lvl 50 gear. Highest character I have is 45. Some are really close to 45. After lvl 50 you get empowered versions of the normal blue items. I will have to compare parts as I got one earlier.

Base game ended at chapter 4. Explains why I can't remember any more of it. expansions add 2 more chapters, Forgotten gods is more a series of side quests. Malmouth adds 2 more to end of game I have not seen yet. I have to beat the boss of the base game to get there. I think I have done that long ago.
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The game seems to get laggy on weekends which makes no sense to me. It visibly misses frames and is jerky. Its a single player game, but I feel its related to Steam. It might just be one weekend a month as I have seen it do it before but it wasn't recently.

I couldn't play it for a while yesterday as when you used to it being smooth, its really jarring. You wonder what is wrong with your PC.

I didn't get anywhere yesterday, after a day of running new things I was back to a list of quests which are essentially go kill this thing. I wanted to try a different class combo... I think I have tried them all now. Some just don't feel strong enough to beat 1st boss. Some of my characters have only just beat bosses and felt too squishy to go on. Chapter 7 helps them a little, makes them a viable build.

I eventually stuck with a sword and board warlord and game tried its very hardest to kill him. I didn't even give him any items out of my shared stash besides components. And none of those were op. They all lvl restricted anyway. Soldier/Oathkeeper combo, game only gave him bad armour and only begrudgingly gave him an okay weapon or shield - oathleepers can use a shield as a weapon so that makes sense.. Soldiers hard to kill due to the MIlitary conditioning skill toughening them up I got extra bosses on some fights which is abnormal. That normally only happens if you twink the character... I have tried to avoid game doing that.

Maybe its because I know I need poison/acid protections and don't just randomly sell it all just before the Wardens cellar. Instead I keep any it gives me and start the cellar with some protections and game decides to use fire instead. If you have high protections it seems to ignore them anyway. Vitality resists help more in chapter 2 & 7. But only in some areas. High vitality removes any danger from one boss and one entire dungeon. High physique removes most of danger from most of game. Less chance of a crit hit.

Maybe its cause I don't act like a noob in the games.

I knew I was in for a hard time from start. the only creatures I could find to kill were dogs and mosquitoes in the early game The more you kill of something, the more bosses you get of that type. I hit the twin dog boss level really early/ The mosquito boss isn't very hard. The snakes are always in same place - they have their own dungeons.

It wasn't as bad as the time I gave one a weapon from chapter 7.

I got tired so he left in a spot that is easy to continue from.

Some of my old characters based on guides, not the grimtools ones. Hard to work out what I was doing with them. Most of those have been deleted by now.

Its weird, I just tried to play it and I couldn't click on some targets, like it was waiting for an answer from a server. It was odd as game also couldn't seem to target me either. I was fighting things and there would be times nothing was happening. I just checked my connection speed, normal.
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it appears lag caused by Steam cloud saves.
Finds instructions on how to change game to local saves... follows them, turns off cloud saves. Suddenly no characters... not exactly outcome i wanted. retrace instructions and turn cloud saves back on.
Now trying to run Steam in offline mode, not sure what it does with saves. See if it makes any difference.

found better instructions but its still acting odd. Probably doesn't help I just swapped one cloud for another as my documents folder is on Onedrive
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Since it only happens sometimes, I not going to do anything my end. I don't think I can do anything about it. Its a network thing.

I gave up on the guy I made yesterday, he doesn't seem right somehow. Think he needs better weapons, its a problem with some classes, there just aren't any weapons for them in desert so if game isn't nice, you struggle. I found some on the guy I played instead.. I try him again. Probably needs more gear too.

Instead I went back to a character who I hadn't played in ages and after working out what build he should have and realising weaning fire gear when you have a cold build is just stupid. I played with his gear a little and over the course of almost 15 lvls, he is much better now. Amazing the difference 2 nice ice weapons can make. Its only recently that things don't die right away... although nights chill at 13 certainly means less things left alive to kill. Skeletons melted at lvl 9 of the skill, they would hate lvl 13... made that dungeon almost fun.

Nightblade/Inquisitor = though mostly nightblade, only uses a heal, a passive and one attack from inquisitor for most of the build anyway. There is a lvl 50 skill but I am way off getting that. I understand nightblade more though, that helps.

He hurts things more than he did originally. Like most character, he only stopped at 39 as I need to sleep. Running out of easy quests too. Some will be hard to do on a non tank or ranged character. His dps is only 1500 but his biggest hit given is 8k
I wonder when I need to go to some of areas on map I haven't visited in desert.
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If you have high protections it seems to ignore them anyway. Vitality resists help more in chapter 2 & 7. But only in some areas.
vitality resists helps with most of chapter 7, but only really in two zones in Chapter 2. The predominant enemy in Chapter 7 uses vitality attacks, and having high (over 60) makes them almost just a nuisance provided they not attacking in groups. They surround me in most battles and give me group hugs. There are also poisonous dogs in later parts of chapter 7. And another impossible to avoid dog boss.

In chapter 3. high vitality makes one boss almost easy and one cave a little easier. Cave also attacks your poison resist. If you have high poison and vitality in there, the enemies are essentially incapable of hurting you unless you stop fighting back. Game seems to give you fastest route through cave, gives up. Shame I have a quest that is in cave that is normally not on the route I randomly take - unlike most maps, I don't think this one is always the same... I may be wrong, it might just be some rooms are closed off in some versions, could be location of the boss is all that changes.

My current character has 2 sets of pants. One that have 60% poison/acid resists, one with none but high DPS. On route to homestead he swapped in and out of those pants for one cave. There are also places in chapter 7 where poison resist can help but if you have high enough dps you can kill the things before they become a life threatening problem. When you first hit chapter 7 and your DPS is meant to be bad, the poison beetles are a worse problem than later on when you can burn through them.

Every character I have wants to use the poison resist pants in that cave. I have one set that are 40 and another that are 60, and some inbetween as they range from 40 to 60 -
I should keep a pair in shared stash but the 2 skills they support mean some characters want to use them for more than just the resists.

Blinding ability? knowing Brian never played, its not talking about Flashbang as that is an Demolitionist move that does blind enemy. Assumes its a comment on appearance. One NPC in game lets you swap appearance of armor to any other you have found, but he is wearing default appearance. I don't think he looks that bad now.

It feels the more your character levels up, the smaller the other humans around you seem to get. Have you noticed this Frindis? By end of chapter 3, the mages attacking you seem smaller. MIght be to show how powerful you are becoming.
I have the achievement for finishing chapter 7. That must only count main quest line... I am sure there is more there.
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Took one guy from just after Warden all the way to just before 3rd chapter boss and along way he fought a few gargoyles as he is an oathkeeper and they have a belt that offers +1 to all skills. he had the lvl 20 one and wanted an upgrade... game gave him it as well as a helm for the guy above

It may not make him look better but it gave him an incentive to get to 40 and try it on. Good luck getting him to take it off.
Also changed appearance of chest piece and has new shoulders, and a new sword... reason why his DPS is silly high now.

He doesn't care that he looks like a pimp, he does 12k hits with 1 attack and most things don't even survive a 2nd shot. he shattered one boss. He decided to go for a walk and is only 2 areas away from end. I need to watch videos of next boss I think. Searching for shrines. Need to get my lvl 45 to same area.
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The guy above now has a gargoyle belt as well, adds +1 all skills in Nightblade. Another character found it - his dps is silly now, 13k

I spent most of today looking at characters that were stuck in their 20's.

I got one up to chapter 3. Another is a struggle and I need to rethink him. He just lacks damage... or something. He not ready for Cronley and he lvl 30... not sure when he ever be ready. Might delete him if I can't work out his problem. I think he might have been one the game just decided to hate on. I had one guy the entire chapter 1 felt like everything wanted me dead... it isn't so obvious most of the time.

I deleted one and replaced him with a conjuror - Occultist/Shaman... Pet build. I still have it, I just got bored before the warden. I play it some time... I wanted a pet build that didn't include necromancer.

I was left with him and a gun user. So I looked at her... something didn't add up until I took a chest piece off and realised that Demolitionist & Necromancer combo doesn't come with dual wielding guns by default, regardless of that is what build is. It relies on a relic... lucky I can make it.. or the basic version. There are Mythic versions of everything. She was relying on a chest piece that has a similar effect - there is also a pair of gloves that do it. I prefer the relic as chests need to be replaced more often. Don't want to be tied to wearing one item of clothing to use a weapon set. That is just dumb considering she only lvl 30 now. Was 25 when i started today.


She has Gargoyle shoulders. She doesn't care that they look wrong, she had to fight the thing for them. They may not even help here build.

Its a lot of fun so far. I use a necro buff to slow down the attacks of things around me. Ghosts hate it. Like most builds she just needs more points... skill levels. She has two buffs that do similar things, but they need more levels to be useful. I needed the necro one high for the skeleton dungeon they all have to do.

I have other gun users but they all lvl 30ish. Still seem to be stopped...

she beat cronley but more running away than normal. I was expecting that though. She can take a hit but she prefers distance. She has crowd control methods. Killing them works.
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@Frindis you might learn from this
Base game is harder than game with DLC

Its obvious really. DLC add alternative route to trying to beat Cronley at lvl 25 with lvl 5 gear you got from chapter 1. You can be a few more levels higher and have gear that destroys the place... if you lucky.
At least chapter 7 gives better drops and some of the gear there makes up for lacking support for skills. Some skills anyway, there seems to be a lack of one handed weapons that have Righteous Fervour on them, I have noticed as of the last few characters I have fixed, a few had same problem. Not many choices of weapons with that skill. Could be that since Oathkeeper is a DLC character, the amount of items is lower than for the base game characters who may have been the target of most new items in the expansions.

Only characters who find them don't use the skill. So I am now saving them... like hot/cold weapons as well. I could be getting picky and only use gear that has a skill buff on it. I have to be careful of that as one guy was ignoring all other weapons until one said it did 100 more, he checked and it was right.

I really hate that aspect of the game, weapon dps difference should be either based on your build or not. I shouldn't have to try every weapon to see if it does help.

Most weapons do a range of damage, they will be 21 - 100 for example and your hits can be anywhere in that range (not taking into account skill bonuses). The comparison seems to look at the lowest figure and compare the shop weapon to what you have equipped. For the most part, I don't care about lowest number unless range is silly big - 40 to 190 for example - as then you can't get consistent damage. I want to see do more damage
So shop looking at bottom number means weapons that are better often show as worse, and visa versa. The weapons appearing better than they are is disappointing. And the opposite sucks too, one guy was looking forward to a weapon for 8 levels and just before 40 game starts saying its bad. Put it on and it is better.

It might as well not tell you anything about DPS.

Gun using necro/demo might run into not enough cunning to use guns. Most characters do as some weapons built on idea you spend points on other stats apart from physique ever, to equip that gear. So they guns higher cunning requirements than most players will have at the lvls they are for. By time you can equip them, most of the time greens beat them. Most melee weapons apart from daggers only look at physique as does armour unless its caster gear. You only spend points on anything other than physique if you need them for one peice of gear and can't get that stat of another piece of gear.

stacking gear based on other gears stats can be a trap. Have to be careful though, remove wrong piece of gear and others won't work... this reminds me of Torchlight 2 but in that game you could equip anything regardless of your lvl, if you matched stat requirements (Apart from lvl 100 gear that requires you to be lvl 100). You could gffear stack to absurd levels based on rings alone. You could get rings with +60 to stats and all you needed to equip them was a low wisdom score. It was a lot of fun until you remove the wrong item and everything falls off. Helps to remember order of items you put on. You didn't have to keep the original rings on as long as other stats supported them - similar to the crossroads in Devotions window of Grim Dawn. Its only there to start you off. You can remove the points from it after.

I hate saving an item in bank just to have game give me better just before I get to equip it.

Ranged characters have it easier against some bosses in Chapter 7 as two of them attack you up close so she made easy work on 1st one as he freezes people who get to close unless you can stun lock him. Most times he is a lot of running away but for her, that was intentional. She hasn't done second boss yet, I just remembered earlier as he is optional. Quest isn't part of man line so can be done whenever.

I can see the god being a problem in that regard as he can teleport. So far most boss arenas give you enough space to run away and recover.
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This was about 4th 2 hander this guy found and he has yet to find anything to replace it, he got it at about lvl 24 and thought it was a bad weapon... no, he just needed more skills, and the helmet makes a big difference, adds 3k to damage.

It has a nasty range though, 47 to 344. lots of numbers inbetween. I would prefer a higher low end. It doesn't matter when its multiplied by his bonuses though. Can still seem to not do anything on one monster and slaughter the next. Its all random.

Biggest hit made was 13100 and most damage received so far is 900. He lacks fire resistance. I can only do so much. It doesn't stop him though. Fire mages die with one hit anyway. I will have to look on other characters to see if I can fix it without losing too much damage.

Damage hasn't increased in a while. He has seen weapons close to his weapons damage but might have to wait to after 40 to get a good replacement weapon. I wonder if the sword arms are what he needs. I have a spare somewhere.

so far only times he runs away from is when surrounded by bosses at a boss shrine, apart from chapter 1. And if the boss has life leach... one does in chapter 7, he ran away to recover life on that one.

Cronley had no chance. He currently taking a nap. Like I should be.

I need to find an addon that lets me filter what components I pick up. I have over 2000 of one basic one. I don't think I need that many. Or maybe I should look at crafting some better relics for my over 40's
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Decided to go with a Bladeassasin (nightblade/solider) and so far I'm liking it.

Took down Viloth with no problems as she did not hit me much.

The Berserker Cown will be a nice upgrade, especially combined with the Assasins Mark in the devotion tree (100% Chance of critical attack) and Shadow Strike. At least that is my theory so far.

Nothing special, but both weapons do the job until I find some with better talent points synergy. The fireball is also good for melting larger groups, but I'm getting rid of the one-button spammer as soon as I get something better for area attack. I could have spent most points in blade burst but decided against it. Perhaps in the future when I get slapped around too much or perhaps some points in the soldier tree will help out. Seems to be a good combo class so far, time will tell.


@Colif Inventory management looks much easier in the DLC. Just that alone makes it tempting to look at some DLCs. He explains it is less grindy also and I can definitely live with that. I do like to do some serious grinds, but I have just too many games I do that in already so there is the time aspect.
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Took down Viloth with no problems as she did not hit me much.
Is that the one under the town in the cellars or the one in the zone before the bridge? there are two serpent bosses though one is optional. I do the one in last zone before the bridge if:
  • I need more levels
  • I have a character that can do it easy.

Trick with them is to just move out of the blue circle attack. It relies on you being unaware of its purpose to work. Its a lesson in what to expect later. though some of the snake shaman in zone also do a smaller version.

I normally leave the cellar quest line until after I have reached the broken bridge and get portal in the cave, do the cellar and then go back to portla and continue. She easier to kill at lvl 13

Don't try to fight the boss in first cave after Burial cave, that one actually for later game. They sprinkle caves around game you shouldn't go in, its why I just don't go into random zones. Same with one in mud row.

I would get the DLC just for the quality of life improvements. And the extra character types. Many of my characters wouldn't exist without it. Necromancer has some nice moves. You don't even have to be a pet build with them, that is just the most obvious one.

I would get Forgotten gods DLC just to make chapter 2 not a steep incline from 24 to 35 in just 4 zones. You go from Cronley to Homestead and suddenly the gear is all lvl 35 and you aren't even close. It gives you an alternative. You don't have to do all the caves or endlessly fight skeletons.

I don't know what other expansion added but its levels are after main game.

I didn't play base game enough this time around to realise the changes in the bank. That alone would make me swap.

That is a nice helm for Blade masters. I used to save blues. but I getting too many now. They not uniques, the specs vary so I should just keep good examples. Or rare items... I didn't know Guardsman Defender shield was a drop as until it fell last week, I thought you had to make it. I saw an amulet I hadn't seen before... I have the same ring about 6 times.

How hard is it to respec in base game? In dlc it just costs a few bits of iron and visit the spirit guide.
I wonder what I am meant to spend money on. I never buy weapons, I made one in blacksmith last month just to realise they aren't worth making - though guns can be good. Like all games like this, I only sell in shops. I never look at choices, as best items have to be found - you can't make them early on. Only thing I ever buy from shops is heal potions if I have to. I guess once my rep higher there are rep items.

I don't think I ever used a move off a weapon in combat before. I do use one on a relic - the passive attached to blizzard is nice for characters who want to maintain distance. This may not be the right name for relic.

I only grind parts of chapter 7 if my character sux and needs a weapon or some armor to get better. Some parts are getting monotonous though. Been through them too many times. I rarely grind the main game. If at all. I play through areas once, maybe twice. Just like Titan quest, the game isn't designed for grinding. Some parts of chapter 7 actively try to convince you not to grind the areas, they will attack you as soon as you enter zone instead of letting you in.

Current guy got to first boss in chapter 7 and was convinced he would have a bad time. He stun locked the boss, it didn't even get a chance to attack. It was great. Second boss made him run for cover. Third boss I have worked out you can use a table in the environment that acts in such a way that I can attack over it but it blocks his attacks. But he is optional, it depends on what cult you choose as to if you have to fight him or not... I only half do his dungeon if I just need the shrine/devotion point. No point risking death if you don't really have to fight boss. I use same principle on 1st boss in area too, if your quest is to just kill X of some mob, and they only appear in the dungeon, why kill boss if he doesn't count towards total. Half time I beat a boss and all it drops is money and potions.

I think his low fire resistance is the games reaction to him always having an answer for poison and vitality attacks. I will look around my characters but unless I go mad and put him on the God quest in chapter 7, there aren't many bosses that use fire attacks so far.

Killing the god overshadowed a number of bosses he killed just to face god. Two of them just to get through the door to dungeon. It was not knowing what I was doing that led me into combat with a god... I didn't realise it was the last quest of expansion. I should have since there aren't many cut scenes in this game...

I wasn't expecting the 4th thing the cult would ask me to do is kill a god. You only get 3 faction quests before that stage. Its same with all the cults.
Quest 1 - do something in dungeon 1, be it kill some mobs or get an item. A little vague on what one cult wants there, you only really need to kill the boss for one of them though.
Quest 2 - this varies depending on the cult, one of them needs you to kill a boss that only they fight, but everyone can access dungeon for (which is nice as there is a shrine there)
Quest 3 - exclusive area for that cult, so far only done one of these. Can already tell there are no shrines in these.
Quest 4 - Oh, can you go kill this god for us.

I could possibly break it down further, the 4th quest isn't exactly short. But I did it all in a few hours.

monsters in this game don't seem to try to kill you until your rep with them has changed. Its only after they actually start to actively stop you. Cronley gang start as hostile so there is that. They want you dead from start. Skeletons in chapter 2 start out hostile too. Chapter 7 ghosts just seem to hug you until your rep changes and you might need to use a potion during a fight.

Archers are my hidden nemesis. I should ignore them but you start to realise as game goes on that ranged always seem to be last ones to die. Unless you actively look for them. Game spawns a big thing or boss for you to kill, you so busy killing it you don't realise half your life gone due to being surrounded by archer skeletons or an orc with a gun - but I know that trick now, and done the dungeon/areas enough times to know what happens where. Recently it spawns two bosses to stop me killing the archers before I even touch the boss. The first time game tries that is on an electrical boss in mud row, chapter 1.

Chapter 7 doesn't have as much ranged until you hit areas its assumed you met them already.
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