GoG Summer Sale. Buying anything?

I like the idea of GOG being DRM-free, but it seems like they only have old games.
They get more new games than you would expect. If their customers weren't so fanatical about every single game being DRM-free, then they would be able to get more new games. But as we saw a couple of months ago, one game with DRM causes a complete meltdown of the GoG Karens.
Probably not. I don't mind GoG at all, but it's not a platform I use a ton. Plus, the Steam summer sale is reportedly only two weeks away (06/23), so I'll just wait until then. Regardless of storefront, I don't imagine I'm going to buy much this summer as I'm trying to work on my backlog and there aren't ton of games I'm dying to pick up anyways.


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Didn't they change the name to Great Old Games, then GOG, then back to Great Old Games? Whatever, as long as Galaxy keeps working.

I've gotten some new games on there, like Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Legend of Grimrock, all the Witcher games, and Bard's Tale 4. It's mostly old stuff, though. I bought Sacrifice back when the place first opened up! Got a bunch of junk games there, too. They used to give you a bigger discount on bundles if you already owned a few games in them so, whenever they offered a free game, I grabbed it in hopes that it would make some future bundle a little cheaper.

Wow, Control is only $12.
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Didn't they change the name to Great Old Games, then GOG, then back to Great Old Games?
No, it was Good Old Games, changed to GOG.com which is current.

I already have hundreds of games there
Geez, it's over 900 :eek:

Their sorting has improved a lot. Now you can hide titles you own, and also 'extras'—ie DLC, artbooks, soundtracks etc which used to clutter the low-price section. You can also sort the remaining list by Price Low>High or by highest discount.

I went thru anything priced up to $2 or with 80% or more discount, but I already have anything I'd want. There are some fine old games within those parameters tho, if you're newish to gaming or old games—Deus Ex, Tomb Raider, Just Cause, Far Cry, Supreme Commander, to name a few.
With my backlog of games I would like to think that I will resist the siren's song but my resolve will probably crumble a few days before the end of the sale.

Big fan of GOG -like the no DRM stuff. Would be willing to see GOG sell DRM games provided it is very, very clearly labelled as such. Of course I would not buy it. (Or so I tell myself).
Big fan of GOG -like the no DRM stuff. Would be willing to see GOG sell DRM games provided it is very, very clearly labelled as such. Of course I would not buy it. (Or so I tell myself).

Considering they made an anti-digital rights management program called "FCK DRM", it would be kind of strange to start including DRM games. I'd rather they just stick with being a completely DRM-free shop.
Geez, it's over 900 :eek:
Jun 5, 2022
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Some of the games listed on this thread aren't on sale for me. I still don't understand why different countries have different prices for exactly the same content.

There was a way around it though.

Four years ago you could use a VPN to change your Steam store location to a less fortunate country such as Turkey, India or Kazakstan and pay as little as $15 for some newish titles. Look at Half-Life Alyx price in different countries
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@Ryzengang I also just read the opposite. Not that The Wicher 2 is not good, but that some recommended playing Witcher 3 first and then going back to Witcher 2 because of the difficulty/understanding of the system. I guess that makes sense since I do remember that there was a bit more mixing potions and stuff like that you had to understand before fights. I could be wrong though since I really only managed to play through a small section of the game before my PC went ballistic on me.
It's still a "new" game and in all honesty it is truly worth 30 bucks on sale. I'm huge into skyrim, fallout and this game scratched the same itch for me those games did.

30 bucks for the game is a steal.

I played it too but i thought it was decent at best. The cyberpunk asthetic was cool, but there is a bunch of stuff about that game i can go into that made it less than stellar to me. It doesnt remind me of skyrim or fallout at all because at least in those games you can keep playing after you beat the main quest whereas CP2077, you literally just end the game.

It might be in good shape now performance wise too, but its release, all the stuff surrounding that, how long it took to dole out meaningful updates etc. The game should've dropped to 30 and then go below that on sales. And its being sold on GOG which is owned by CDPR, so they arent losing anything to another vendor like selling it on steam.
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Doesn't look like I'll buy anything on GOG's sale this year as I didn't see any game that I have an interest in that I didn't already own on either GOG or Steam. But the prices are really good (low) on many of the older RPG/action/adventure games, and GOG's the place I aways go to if I'm looking to pick up a specific older game, even when not on sale.

There's also my backlog of games to work through, as several others mentioned. I know that I'll never in my lifetime completely clear that backlog, but I at least try to make an attempt to chip away a few games off it every year.


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