GoG Summer Sale. Buying anything?

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The trouble with the older GOG games is the "I don't want what I haven't got" effect. I've bought about all the old games I care to own.

I remember Witcher 2 having a LOT of difficulty spikes - but I seem to be about the only one complaining about that. Maybe it was just me.

There is a trick you can do. When you are getting near the end of the first town's story, make a copy of your save game directory. Go through and make whichever choice. Once you get to the next area, save your game and exit. Rename your save folder to "saves first choice" or whatever. Rename the copy you made back to the normal save folder name. Start the game again, load up the save from just before the choice, and make the other choice.

Now you've got one save folder with one choice, one with the other. You can simply rename the folders to switch between play-throughs. VERY handy if you aren't sure which way to go, or if you just want to swap between paths from time to time so you can play them in parallel.


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Jan 14, 2020
I'm pretty much stocked on computer games. Time to limit myself a little and stop buying compulsively. Usually when I buy a game, I don't play it right away and it has a tendency to get cheaper in time, which makes me regret that I didn't wait. :p Maybe I'll buy a game or two, but no crazy moves this time. :) I'm very tempted to try Songs of Conquest, but it's still in development and I don't want to spoil myself the full release.
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Almost definitely would be tough! Estimating how long it will take to go through some number of games is too wild for that. No biggy if I come out with one or two games still unplayed at the next sale. Even if I get done early, there are so many sales going on all the time that it's pretty easy to cover. (Plus, there's always lots of books to read.)
@Ryzengang I also just read the opposite. Not that The Wicher 2 is not good, but that some recommended playing Witcher 3 first and then going back to Witcher 2 because of the difficulty/understanding of the system. I guess that makes sense since I do remember that there was a bit more mixing potions and stuff like that you had to understand before fights. I could be wrong though since I really only managed to play through a small section of the game before my PC went ballistic on me.

I don't think I used any potions or alchemy in my Witcher 2 playthrough. Don't remember any difficulty spikes either, except for maybe the very beginning when I was still figuring out the controls.
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